Guy Surprises His Girlfriend With Corgis And She Loses It


This cute video features not only the two corgi brothers named Ralph and George, also known as the dynamic duo, but also features a woman’s cutest ever reaction after seeing her two favorite corgis in person whom she is following over the social media by viewing their adorable photos and videos everytime the latest snapshot is uploaded.

Becky who never gets tired of showing her photoshopped photos of the corgis to his boyfriend Corey every night is the very reason why whom the latter thought to give her quite an awesome surprise. Her reaction is  incredibly amazing!

The plan was to make Becky believe thay they are on a shooting for the the couple’s first impression on each other but she will be surprised with Ralph and George coming near her. Her reaction became out of control, she was really exuberant and teary- eyed when she saw these two cute corgis. She couldn’t bear the cuddling cuteness of the two. She even described them to have such big heads and cute little bodies.

Corey then was so happy that Becky liked the surprise he did for her. It was very remarkable for both of the couple.

Source: EliteDaily



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