The Manet Easy Chair By Best Before 2065 Is Designed So You Can Sit Or Lay However You Like And Is Essentially The Perfect Chair

The guys and girls at the design firm BestBefore2065 have designed the perfect chair you guys. It’s called the MANET easy Chair and everyone else can stop now trying to come up with better ideas because this is it, this chair is flawless.

The idea for the MANET easy chair is to try and resemble the feeling you have when spending time outside, maybe like sitting on a meadow where you can chose to sit or lay down, you know, flexibility is the key here. It is the first item that Bestbefore2065 developed completely alone and offered for sale. And they just nailed it with this design, i must say! You can sit on it in endless ways and forms, it is designed to be used however you like.

It’s cool how the white geometric base is a complete contrast of the softness and bright colors of the seat cushions. It’s like two different worlds stuck together in one chair. Each cool cushion can be placed however you like and how you feel like sitting on it right now, and they are all made out of 100% polyester, so you can easily wash them and clean them. The base of this MANET chair is made of MDF with a little bit of soft white synthetic leather.

The MANET chair is designed to give you complete freedom while still embrace your body

best before 2065 manet chair (1)

Think of a meadow where you can just sit or lay as you wish with no restrictions. This is the MANET chair in a nutshell

best before 2065 manet easy chair 2 (1)

You can read, just relax or even take a nap in between the soft cushions of the chair

best before 2065 manet chair 3 (1)

Because of the flexibility of the cushions, you can lay in crazy positions or tuck your books inside when you want to nap

best before 2065 manet chair 5 (1)

You can also move, twist, change and completely remove each pillow as you wish

best before 2065 manet easy chair 6 (1)

Every time you sit on the MANET chair and organize the cushions, you essentially create a new chair design

best before 2065 manet chair 7 (1)

The chair is build in Italy and oh boy do we want one so bad!

best before 2065 manet chair 8 (1)

best before 2065 manet easy chair 9 (1)

best before 2065 manet chair 10 (1)

More info: Bestbefore2065 | Manet easy chair


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