Tattoo Artist Creates Beautifully Surreal Tattoos With Geometric And Naturalism


If you like tattoos and are the person to wear ink, you might wanna take a look at this guy. Okan Uckun from Istanbul creates stunning tattoos using only a minimal amount of lines and ink. The unique style of his art combines bold geometric shapes with naturalistic subjects like: insects, trees and animals.Together with a flat and realistic stipple technique the artist manages to create amazing tattoos that are open to interpretation.

The beautiful results of his work is all thanks to his meticulous process where he gets inspiration from many things and not just  body art. Before he starts to work on a new tattoo he asks the costumer to provide him with a variety of images to use as reference . Ukan also tailor mades his tattoo to the costumer body measurements for optimal results. More info: Blog | Instagram

Surreal Tattoos 1

Surreal Tattoos 2

Beautifully Surreal Tattoos 3

Beautifully Surreal Tattoos 4

Beautifully Surreal Tattoos 5

Beautifully Surreal Tattoo 6

Beautifully Surreal Tattoo 7

Beautifully Surreal Tattoo 8

Beautifully Surreal Tattoos 9

Surreal Tattoo 10

Surreal Tattoos 11

Source: Mymodernmet


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