Beautiful Places in Norway – Spectacular Images Show Norway Really Is Stunning

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If you’re looking for beautiful places in Norway you came to the right article. While we don’t know all the names of the places below featuring the stunning beauty of Norway, a simple Google search will find you the names we missed.

This gallery is for inspiration only, so just browse it below and make sure you save or search for more info on the places you find the most beautiful in Norway.

For people who live there, it’s just another country, but for those who only travel or visit Norway, it’s an amazing experience. Norway is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, with scenes of amazing sunrise hikes or a camping in the snow.

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This country has spectacular views that would not shame lord of the rings or Narnia. We find these images so beautiful they’re actually inspiring. What do you think?

Some beautiful places in Norway to visit – BORGUND STAVE CHURCH

Beautiful Places in Norway 1

Låtefossen or Låtefoss

Beautiful Places in Norway 2
Located in Ullensvang Municipality in Vestland County, Norway.

Barn in Valldal, Norway

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The farmer spent 7 years building this natural ramp to his farm

Innerdalen – a beautiful mountain valley

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This place had been called Norway’s prettiest mountain valley.

Natural swimming pool in the woods

Beautiful Places in Norway 5

Verdens Ende – World’s end

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located at the southernmost part of Tjøme island in Færder, Norway.


Beautiful Places in Norway 7
Beautiful valley with two lodgs on a side of a hill below the stunning mountain.

Magical fairy castle In Hunderfossen, Lillehammer

beautiful Norway picture 8
This is a full on attraction park where you can spend a day with the kids

Unknown cabin

Beautiful Places in Norway 9

A few old farm houses in Norway

beautiful Norway picture 10

Kvednafossen Waterfall In Norway

Beautiful Places in Norway 11
located on the west bank of the Saudafjorden

The Bondhus Glacier/Bondhusdalen

beautiful Norway picture 12
Located in Sunndal, Mauranger


Beautiful Places in Norway 13

King Oscar II Chapel

beautiful Norway pictures 14
This is actually the smallest church in Norway

Awesome barn with a small forest on the roof

Beautiful Places in Norway 15

Source: Imgur


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