These Beautiful Knot Cushions Will Actually Complete You


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An Icelandic designer named Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir  was trying to  create a teddy bear’s leg on her day job when she unexpectedly came across with an unusual idea. She tried to conserve time for production by diligently producing limbs on a machine which technically means she doesn’t have to crochet them manually. But while doing this, she resulted in playing around with knot-like formation.

According to her, when she was a girl scout, she was very good at tying the knot, but this one is totally different. It wasn’t a survival skill “I wanted to try tying the tubes into knots and see the outcome,” Sigurðardóttir explains. “I found the idea of a big, soft knot intriguing in a fun, kind of pop-arty way. I also like that when you take a first look at the cushion you might not really know what it is, and perhaps that is what draws you closer.”

Her initial design was presented earlier in 2011,  and has since developed into the Knot Cushion. “I have always been attracted to strange and unique things, I try to create unusual designs; products that are unpredictable and that make people curious,”Sigurðardóttir declares. But the fact of the matter, she is not the only one who is drawn and attracted to unusual things. Just recently, Design House Stockholm has included this Knot Cushion into their amusing products and unique collections. They even decided to feature Sigurðardóttir’s artworks in an exibit at Stockholm Design Week.

You may visit Scandinavian Design Center, if you are attracted to these Knot Cushion designs and you want to at least give it a try and purchase one of them. You may also want to view the artist’s Etsy store to see if she has added a new creation.

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Source: MyModernMet