Carl Warner Creates Beautiful Foodscapes That Literally Looks Good Enough To Eat


We all love food. Eating food, talking about food, looking at food, etc. Luckily for us, photographer Carl Warner makes looking at food even more pleasing than it already is.

foodscapes 1

Carl Warner is a London-based photographer responsible for the Foodscapes project. The term “foodscape” is a combination of the words “food” and “landscape”. He ultimately takes miniature foods and creates a beautiful landscape from them.

He uses a multitude of ingredients that we would never think of, such as cheese, fruit, meat, and so much more.

The photographer has been shooting stills for over 25 years, and has been working on Foodscapes for over 10 years already. In 2008 he actually received international recognition for this work and has been continuing ever since.

Carl Warner doesn’t just create brilliant landscapes out of food, but he has also dabbled in other mediums as well, such as human bodies, clothes, and tools.

The masterpieces are truly works of arts, and there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more from him.

foodscape 2

foodscape 3

foodscape 4

foodscape 5

foodscape 6

foodscape 7

foodscape 8

foodscape 9

foodscape 10

foodscape 11

foodscape 12

foodscape 13

foodscape 14

foodscape 15

foodscape 16

foodscape 17

foodscape 18

foodscape 19

foodscape 20

foodscape 21

foodscape 22

foodscape 23

foodscapes 24

foodscape 25

Source: Imgur | Boredpanda



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