These balloon birds will trick you into thinking they’re real

balloon birds

Terry Cook is the name of the photographer who released a series of photos depicting balloon birds in the natural habitats of their real counterparts. They are so well produced, that they might trick you into thinking they’re actually flesh and bones. Apart from photography, Cook is also into watercolour, acrylic, ink and even robotics. His art is quite unique, but we are here to discuss this balloon birds that are funny, cute and will even get you to love them in the end.

The thing is that Cook uses balloons in a way in which you wouldn’t expect. I mean, balloons are just those colourful, plastic, fun party accessories that you would expect to find in a setting together with flowers, hats and clowns with balloon-twisting skills who will befriend little girls and boys and turn their wildest childhood dreams into reality in the form of a balloon-twisting shape. Right? 

Artist Terry Cook thought of some other type of party, one in which balloons are twisted in the shape of herons, blue tits, mallards and other kinds of Europeans birds and placed in their natural habitat and photographed. The result is mesmerising! It might trick you that these are real birds or just amaze you at how real the trickery seems.

The artist carefully explains on his website that, after the photo shooting is done, he carefully removes and deflates all balloons so that no latex scraps might be left around, in the natural world. The idea behind his balloon birds photography might be this: even though it looks like the balloon birds can lose themselves in the natural world, their place is not there and after the trickery loses its effect on you, there remains something strange about the photo, an idiosyncrasy that you cannot explain. Those balloon birds do not belog in that image.

But, why don’t you take a closer look?


balloon birds


balloon birds


balloon birds


balloon birds


balloon birds


balloon birds

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