Adorable Baby Bump Paintings By Carrie Preston Will Make a Lasting Beautiful Memory From Your Pregnancy

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I create baby bump paintings! Yup, this is what Carrie Preston does for a living. It might sound weird and even creepy that she gets to paint bumps all day, but to her ( and us too ) it’s just beautiful and must be a very unique experience.

Carrie Preston is a mother of two herself based in Cornwall and she has a Ba Honours degree in Early Childhood studies, she admits that both art and children’s welfare are her passions so being able to create spaces where children can develop and explore is the perfect mix for her.

A baby bump painting can take around two hours to complete from start to finish, the best part about it is that the future mother to be can just sit and relax while her favorite design is being brushed on her cool bump. Little cool secret is that the feeling of the cold brush strokes on the mother’s belly usually follows with the baby kicking a little bit during the session, which makes this whole experience even more personal and meaningful both to the artist and the mother. When the bump piece is ready, Carrie takes a picture so that they both have a cool keepsake to store.

Carrie says she loves the fact that every bump painting has a story behind it, she already created more than 130 baby bump paintings and all the mothers really loved the experience. This cool and unique occupation allows Carrie to both be a mom and work from home while earning a living and she loves every minute of it. No doubt that the pregnancy period in a couple’s life is a magical time and Carrie believes that if there’s something unique and creative you can do to enhance this experience and make a lasting memory, you should do it with out hesitation. More info: Website | Facebook

1. Baby bump painting of a crushing wave

baby bump paintings 1 (1)


2. This is little Joey

baby bump paintings 2 (1)

3. Adventure is out there.

baby bump paintings 3 (1)

4. My little pumpkin, this is actually my favorite of all the baby bump paintings.

baby bump designs 4 (1)

5. Creative fish bowl

baby bump designs 5 (1)


6. Monsters Inc characters

baby bump designs 6 (1)

7. Twins waiting for the world

baby bump designs 7 (1)

8. E.T for the movie fan mom

baby bump designs 8 (1)

9. Perfect Easter present

pregnancy bump paintings 9 (1)


10. We are all just a blink in the eye of the universe

pregnancy bump paintings 10 (1)

11. Incredible little mermaid bump painting

pregnancy bump paintings 11 (1)

12. I have a present for you

pregnancy bump paintings 12 (1)

13. The stark beginning life to the world

pregnancy bump paintings 13 (1)


14. Dumbo

baby belly paintings 14 (1)

15. Sweet strawberry cupcake

baby belly paintings 15 (1)

16. My little Totoro

baby belly paintings 16 (1)

17. Love you forever ( or until the cows come home )

baby belly paintings 17 (1)

18. Fairy tales pregnancy

baby belly paintings 18 (1)


19. I just love this one! Best baby bump paintings ever!

baby stomach paintings 19 (1)

20. You want some sweet honey with that child?

baby stomach paintings 20 (1)

21. This one is by Sam Mcbratney

baby stomach paintings 21 (1)

22. Going on a family road trip

baby stomach paintings 22 (1)

23. My little apple

baby stomach paintings 23 (1)

24. Tiny turtle ( maybe a ninja? )

baby bump paintings 24 (1)