Design Studios Seletti And Studio Job Brings Fast Food Furniture To The World And We Are Very Impressed

OK, you’re going to love this one i promise you, if you’re like me and food is a major thing in your life, and you also love design and art, these food furniture items will just made your day. Designers seletti and studio job brought fast food to the living room with these amazing looking food furniture.  You get a hot dog shape couch, a hamburger, they all look so detailed and nice it will be hard to sit on them without eating something.

The designers wanted to show that their line is one of playfulness and that you can and should combine two seemingly different worlds into one thing and it would actually come out as epic.

The UN_LIMITED EDITIONS from the designers wasn’t their first try and unconventional designs, they have successfully created before a line of industry garden furniture that gained lots of praise and with this new line of food items they are sure to rock the boat once again. The hot dog bun as the base for a sofa is just a cheeky but unique idea in the design world, using vegetables as cushions is also a cool idea and the execution of it all is just remarkable.

Here’s what the designers had to say about their work when Designboom had a chance to speak with them

” doing upholstered products is for seletti a huge achievement,’ stefano seletti told us, ‘but obviously I had to approach the matter my way! and my way is never a normal one…we will surely explore other typologies in the future, I think we are ready to do that but we will take all the time we need, because we will need to find the right innovative approach. we decided to go big presenting this new adventure with the upholstered furniture: we have the crazy hot dog and hamburger by studio job. “

More info: Seletti | studio job

The whole set

food furniture (1)

Hot dogs and hamburgers are a big part of American culture, which is clearly an inspiration here

food furniture 2 (1)

This series is the designers way to break into the furniture game in a big way

food furniture 3 (1)

Comfortable cushion shaped like a pickle slice

food furniture 4 (1)

The tomato slice is the back cushion for the hamburger seat

food furniture 5 (1)

This cucumber cushion is just another perfect addition to the set

food furniture 6 (1)

Here is the design for the hot dog sofa

food furniture 7 (1)

image © loek blonk

The bum chair in all its glory

food furniture 8 (1)

image © loek blonk


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