Three-Year-Old Gave Herself A Major Haircut, Her Reason Is Heartwarming


You’ll never know what a three-year old little girl can do if you never allow her to do things her own way. You’ll be more surprised to hear her explain herself when asked. This is exactly what a little girl named Ansleigh did when she cut her own hair. She even made a great explanation to her dad why she thought it’s cool to play beauty school on herself.

Kids at this age are very active in exploring new things and very good at experimenting the unknown. They like to discover new ideas on their own. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed. Little Ansleigh’s story of giving herself a Major Hair Makeover  is a bit interesting, not because of what she did, but because of her reason on why she did it. Her dad videotaped Ansleigh and asked her why did she cut her hair. By the way, it was cut too short and almost no hair was left. Teary-eyed, she explained that Jessica cuts her hair. Her dad replied and said ‘because Jessica went to school to learn to cut hair. The little girl then said that she also wants to learn how to do it right.

Dad explained to her that she should not cut her own hair yet because she is too young. He also said that when she gets older, that’s the right time for her to do so. Anleigh agreed to what her dad said to her. Ansleigh seems to have a passion for hairdressing and amazingly she knows what she wants to do, even at a very very young age.

Source: Faithtap



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