By Carefully Folding Their Pages, Artist Turns Old Books Into 3D Sculptures


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You maybe fond of reading books but the lengthy piles of old and dusty books in your room are quite using up larger spaces. You might don’t have a nerve to throw them or burn them in spite the fact that they don’t have much of a use to you any more. You can either sell them or donate them or try some tricky handy work on your old books just like what an English artist,  Nicola Nobo who amazingly turns old books into something incredible and interesting for a curious mind. She actually transformed these old books into a sophisticated sculptures by folding its pages in a very meticulous manner. Each page is crinkled individually, and together all these pages create a 3D designs between the hard bound cover.

Nobo’s witty craftsmanship with its carefully pleated sides and suave outlines, causes her animals, lettering, and skulls,  easily recognised. Though these books sculptures are amazing, Nobo is not selling her folded creation but instead, she markets the patterns so you could make your own 3D design. Her Etsy Shop called Book Origami  has about 100 patterns to select from, including a step-by-step method for designing your own sculpture.

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Source: MyModernMet