Stunning Black And White Tattoos Of Snakes By Mirko Sata


Tattoo artist Mirko Sata has a distinctive style that features a creature that is both loved and hated throughout the world, the snake. Sata inks his intricately intertwined designs of black and white tattoos in shapes of snakes with amazing accuracy.

The tattooed serpents bend and twist in an intricate dance of texture and dimension. Sata’s uses an interesting combination of black and white inks that allow him to bring out all the contrast and dimension possible in each piece. the white ink almost appears to glimmer and sparkle, while the black pigments define depth, lines, and a stark realism.

If you are a fan of the Snake or a black and white tattoos fan, you can only get this custom slithering body art by visiting Satatttvision in Milan, the only shop where Sata works his magic. Fans of his art can still sit back and enjoy his amazing work by viewing his  Instagram page.

Tattoos are always cool, but as you can see these black and white tattoos by Mirko are unique

black and white snake tattoos 1


He uses a special combination of white ink and black ink to create a stunning look in the tattoo

black and white tattoos 2

The two snakes look like they are hugged together or even looks like one snake shedding his skin

black and white tattoos 3

Although the tattoos are only one color you can see they are really detailed

black and white snake tattoos 4

Some prefer to have only the white color of the tattoo – it’s a matte of personal taste

black and white snake tattoos 5


Some are so complex it’s hard to see where the snake begin and where it ends

black and white tattoos 6

Whatever he does, it’s easy to see Mirko has a uniqe style of his own and easily recognizable

black and white tattoos 7

Here is a good example how he only uses a thin white line to form a perfect black and white snake tattoo

black and white tattoos 8

Almost look a little bit like an eygiptian tattoo don’t you think?

black and white tattoos 9


Snakes and flowers

black and white tattoos 10

You can see more of the work below just keep scrolling down

black and white tattoos 11

black and white tattoos 12

black and white snake tattoos 13

black and white snake tattoos 14

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