15-Year-Old Artist Creates Stuning 3D Notebook Drawings

3d notebook art

While most 15 year olds are playing video games or texting, 15 year old João Carvalho, AKA J Desenhos, from Brazil, is busy creating unique art from what looks like a common piece of notebook paper.  His work might start out seeming a bit boring, but wait until you see what he does. With a few skilled tweaks and twist he magically transforms these flat notebook pages into amazing 3D drawings. The self –taught artist seems to bend the blue “notebook lines” as he draws them across the page. He then uses shadowing to add depth and realism to his drawings. Currently, his favorite subjects seem to come from cartoon characters.  It is amazing how the figures just pop off the notebook page. This truly talented young man shares his freehand art on his (c0mmunity) Facebook page, where he and other artists exchange ideas, and display their work.  You really want to check this budding artist’s work. You definitely won’t be disappointed! More info: Facebook

3D Notebook Drawings 1

3D Notebook Drawings 2

3D Notebook Drawings 3

3D Notebook Drawing 4

3D Notebook Drawing 5

3D Notebook Drawing 6

3D Notebook Drawings 7

3D Notebook Drawing 8

3D Notebook Drawing 9

3D Notebook Drawing 10

3D Notebook Drawing 11

3D Notebook Drawing 12

3D Notebook Drawing 13

3D Notebook Drawings 14

3D Notebook Drawings 15

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