23 Stunning Animal Pregnant X Rays That Are Both Adorable And Scary

Honestly, these animal pregnant x rays photos will simply make you say OMG! Why do we love looking at pictures of babies so much? Better yet, why do we love looking at babies still in the womb? That’s a good question right?

The gallery below can actually teach you a few things about the animal kingdom and specifically on the animal pregnancy time and type. For example, did you know that the opossum pregnancy is only 14 days? YUP, very fast and easy. On the other hand, the elephant will be pregnant for 23 months before giving birth, think about it ladies, 23 months of pregnancy – CRAZY!

There is actually a Guinness World Record for most puppies in one litter and it stands on 24 puppies. And if you think this is crazy, this last fact will blow your mind! the male seahorse give birth to around 200 hatchlings every pregnancy, 200! Browse through these cool animal pregnancy x rays and tell us which one is your favorite.

1. The first in the animal pregnant x rays is this cool pregnant  turtle


2. Francois Langur Monkey pregnant


3. Look at this awesome dog pregnant x ray


4. Sneak Ception x ray – looks creepy


5. This is how a pregnant Kiwi looks like


6. You guessed it, cat pregnant x ray


7. A guinea pig x ray pregnant photo


8. This is an x ray of a Muntjac Deer


9. A pregnant raccoon


10. The best animal pregnant x ray photo on this list, a  bat


11. This is a pregnant chinchilla


12. A cat carrying lots of kittens x ray photo


13. Tortoises pregnant with cute little tortoises


14. Pregnant Bearded Dragon Kora


15. A pregnant bat’s x ray – amazing!


16. Another x ray photo of a guinea pig


17. A pregnant raccoon looking bluish

A pregnant raccoon was taken to the PAWS Wildlife Center that suffered a fractured leg and severe head trauma. PAWS Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. John Huckabee delivered three raccoons by cesarean section. The kits were able to nurse on their mother however she never recovered from the accident.

18. Pregnant cat with five kittens


19. Another pregnancy bat image


20. A standard pregnant x ray of a dog


21. Cocker Spaniel pregnancy x ray photo


22. Another dog x ray photo


23. Red Tailed Hawk x ray photo



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