Anatomical Balloon Dog You Can Assemble Yourself By Jason Freeny

Remember this cool designer Jason Freeny we featured a while back that creates amazing anatomical models out of lego figures? Well he is pretty known in the world for his humorous creations such as: LEGO figures, barbie dolls, gingerbread men and more. So next up on his list of creations is this cool looking balloon animals. The classic rubber bath ducky and a balloon dog. Each of these toys come as a full kit that you can assemble yourself. If you want to get this for yourself, you can do so in this link: Mighty Jaxx

Anatomical Balloon Dog 1

Anatomical Balloon Dog 2

Anatomical Balloon Dog 3

Anatomical Balloon duck 4

Anatomical Balloon duck 5

Anatomical Balloon animals 6

Anatomical Balloon Dog 7

Anatomical Balloon Dog 8

Source: Colossal


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