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Waffle Iron is a great tool for making deliciously tasty waffles. The way the waffle iron works is that it’s made up of two iron pans that have little square holes in them, this gives the unique shape of the waffle we all know and love, you plug it in to power and let it heat up, you then pour the batter you made before hand into the holes and close the lid. the heat will turn the batter into a waffle. Some irons can even be turned around so it cooks on both sides better.

It actually makes life easier with its quick and fast cooking system. But, making waffles are quite traditional and old-fashioned and you get a little bit bored cooking the same old waffle recipe over and over, so you end up keeping it inside a cupboard. Well, I can’t blame you for doing so, because if I were you, I’ll do the same too!

But this craving dilemma will be put to an end when you read these creative topping ideas to spice up your waffles. Bakers are quite impressed with these latest ideas and we’re even more delighted to try these mouth-watering awesome ideas. Since the chances are greater and the possibilities are somehow limitless, these 10 shocking foods to be cooked in a double heating device are worth trying after reading this.

Forget about the traditional old way of cooking these amazing foods, and delight yourself with the fact that these are indeed interesting. Your loved ones will be more surprised to see these added things you can make with a waffle iron and add on their daily snack and dessert menu. Think they will like them?

10. Homemade “Mozzarella Sticks” – perfect for the waffle iron

Things You Can Make In a Waffle Iron - homemade mozzarella snacks


9. Hash Browns – honestly, who doesn’t like them

Things You Can Make In a Waffle Iron - hash browns

8. Stuffing Waffles


stuffing waffles

7. Brownies and Muffins


 6. Churros

Things You Can Make In a Waffle Iron 5


5. Cookies

Things You Can Make In a Waffle Iron 6

4. Frittata

Things You Can Make In a Waffle Iron 7

3. Mac and Cheese

 2. Pizza Waffles


1. Fried Rice

Obviously there are much more thing you can make with a waffle iron, but we wanted to just give you a taste of what is possible. Now it’s your turn to go and explore and maybe make up your own yummy dishes that some other site will write about, good luck

Source: Lifehacker



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