Simple Yoga Stretches To Help Undo The Damage Of Sitting All Day


simple yoga stretches

Most Americans today spend long hours sitting for most of the day. You sit on the commute to work, sit at your desk all day, sit through that meeting at lunch, only to go home and drop down on the couch. All this sitting  causes a number of problems for your back and muscles.

We can show you  how a few simple moves can help relieve all that tension caused by a day sitting on your butt. Yoga is a centuries old technique used to relax your body and mind. Following the simple steps in this video can provide you with just the stretches you need to revitalize and loosen up those aching muscles. These moves are designed for everyone, whether you are an expert or beginner The experts at  Udaya lead by yoga instructor Rudy Mettia will teach you these simple techniques to get loose, limber, and feeling great in no time!

Source: Huffingtonpost