Adorable Pit Bull Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From The Street

Well, it’s official, my heart is melting! This has to be the happiest dog I have ever seen. Brinks is a Pitbull that was living a rough life on the street at only 11 months old until he met Jon and his dog, Demo. All it took for Brinks to convince Jon to take him home was to walk right up to him and smile “hi!” The original plan was for Jon to take care of Brinks until he could find his previous owner, but a month of searching for this elusive pet parent yielded no results. The only other option was for Brinks to make himself at home as the newest addition to the family. This sweet boy would smile about everything; rides in the car, treats and even just waking up to a new day. Flash forward Twelve years and Brinks is still smiling, happy as can be, in his forever home. Just look at that face and tell me you’re not smiling too.

pit bull can't stop smiling (1)

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Source: Trueactivist



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