65 portraits of different cultures around the world

You think you see different cultures when you leave your home town and drive 30 minutes to a family road trip, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Check out the pictures below to see the real world and its beauty


Random man in India during a Kumbh Mela festival

cultural portraits 1

Photo by Steve McCurry

An Aztec dancer in traditional outfits

cultural portraits 2

Tibetan man

cultural portraits 3

Beautiful Indian bride

cultural portraits 4

Hausa Man – Argungu, Nigeria

cultural portraits 5

Mysterious chinese girl in Beijing

cultural portraits 6

Gaucho from Chaco, Paraguay

cultural portraits 7

Tibetan woman

cultural portraits 8

The Wodaabe Men – Nigeria

cultural portraits 9

Gorgeous Ethiopian woman

cultural portraits 10

Some Gauchos in Argentina

cultural portraits 11

Yoruba man wearing his traditional gelede mask – Nigeria

cultural portraits 12

Indian bride

cultural portrait 13

an Afghan refugee in Baluchistan, Pakistan

cultural portrait 14

An Indian bride in Aishwarya Rai in Jodhaa Akbar

cultural portrait 15

A child is dressed like Krishna – India

cultural portrait 16

Temple Monk – Mandalay, Burma

cultural portrait 17

Mursi Woman – Ethiopia

cultural portrait 18

Maori Man – New Zealand

cultural portrait 19

Maori Man – New Zealand

culturals portraits 20

Goroka Man – Papua New Guinea

cultursal portraits 21

Holy Man – India

culturals portraits 22

Rabari Woman – India

culturals portraits 23

Jaipur Elephant Festival – India

culturals portraits 24

Woman Krishna – India

culturals portraits 25

Dayak Tribe – Indonesia

culturals portraits 26

Rastafarian – Jamaica

culturals portraits 27

Kazakh Woman – Mongolia

culturals portraits 28

Kuchi Nomads – Afghanistan

culturals portraits 29

Ladakhi Woman – Northern India

culturals portraits 30

Stunnig Maori Woman – New Zealand

culturals portraits 31

Mayan Dancer – Mexico

culturals portraits 32

Miao Woman – China

culturals portraits 33

Mongolian Rider

culturasl portraits 34

Mongolian Woman

culturals portraits 35

Mongolian Woman

culturals portraits 36

Mursi Woman – Ethiopia

culturals portraits 37

Miss Shoshone-Bannock 2010

culturals portraits 38

Mustang Man – Nepal

culturals portraits 39

Mustang Man – Former Kingdom of Lo – Nepal

culturals portraits 40

Mustang Man – Nepal

culturals portraits 41

Nagaland, India

culturals portraits 42

Shawn Little Thunder, member of the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe

cultural portrait 43


cultural portrait 44

Oglala Lakota Chief in 1899

cultural portrait 45

A Jingle Dress Dancer and member of the Shoshone-Bannock tribe

cultural portrait 46

Peruvian Bride

cultural portrait 47

Rajasthan Family – India

cultural portrait 48

Sacheen Littlefeather – activist in an Apache Dress

cultural portrait 49

Holy Man – India

cultural portrait 50

Samburu Tribe, Kenya

cultural portrait 51

Fishermen in Weligama, Sri Lanka

cultural portrait 52

Tagnong, Tibet

cultural portrait 53

Maasai Man – Tanzania

cultural portrait 54

Tuareg Woman

cultural portraits 55

Amazing Woman – Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya.

cultural portrait 56

Theyyam, popular Hindu ritual art form of worship in North Kerala, India

cultural portrait 57

Tibetan Bride

cultural portrait 58

Tibetan Children

cultural portrait 59

Tibetan Monk

cultural portrait 60

Traditional Armenian Outfit

cultural portrait 61

Traditional Dress – Tehran, Iran

cultural portrait 62

Tuareg Woman

cultural portrait 63

Woman from, Kinnaur in Northern India.

cultural portraits 64

Zulu Woman, South Africa

cultural portraits 65

Source: Imgur


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