59 Pixel Tattoo Designs That Remind Us How Much We Love Video Games


Pixel tattoos may be your thing if you get nostalgic every time you see Super Mario or some other character from old school gaming. Technology did certainly move forward compared to those times, but hearts of many stayed in old fashion pixelated style.

Nothing can replace that feeling you once had when you completed the level with just one heart left drawn in old school graphical interface showing you’re almost out of energy. So, for all of you that can relate to this feeling here is a huge collection of the pixel tattoo that are just as awesome as they are nerdy. Here we have even 60 examples of this particular kind of tattoo that say only one thing – you are a retro gaming freak.

There are plenty variations in this great tattoo works, starting with different old school gaming characters, different themes to different ways of tattooing, but you’ll probably find the one that is just right for you and that makes your pixelated heart pumping hard the very moment you lay your eyes on it.

Take your time and enjoy scrolling down the gallery.

1. Do you recognize this cool pixel tattoo?

pixel tattoo


2. Love this work. Pixel  ” ruining ” the graphics

pixel tattoo2

3. Mega man!

pixel tattoo3

4. Link from Legend of Zelda

pixel ink 4

5. Beautiful work with rainbow colors

pixel ink 5


6. By the power of be. I am He-Man!

pixel ink 6

7. Amazing galaxy work of art as a tattoo

pixel ink 7

8. Is that the Death Star from Star Wars?

pixel ink 8

9. Nice job spannig both arms

pixel ink 9


10. Cool Sonic black and white tattoo that is really pixelated

pixel ink 10

11. Vintage skull getting the pixel treatment

pixel tattoo 11

12. Think this is a crow being cut in half by the ink

pixel ink 12

13. Mother and son tattoo dots

pixel ink 13


14. Great colors

pixel ink 14

15. The mushroom from the popular Super Mario game

pixel design tattoo 15

16. Outer space tattoo with beautiful blue colors

pixel design tattoo 16

17. I love this dog’s face and blue background

pixel design tattoo 17

18. Pixel tattoo formed from many small dots ( pixels )

pixel design tattoo 18


19. Awesome tattoo design being eaten away by pixels

pixel design tattoo 19

20. Colorful skull created with tiny dots

pixel design tattoo 20

21. Kinda weird, but ok

pixel design tattoo 21

22. Great piece with nice colors and design

pixel design tattoo 22

23. The world within a fish

pixel design tattoo 23

24. Space Invadors, i wasted so much time playing this game

pixel design tattoo 24

25. Amazing!

pixel design tattoo 25

26. Guess from which popular Nintendo game these hearts are from?

Retro tattoo 26

27. Balloon doggy

Retro tattoo 27

28. Take off tattoo design

Retro tattoo 28

29. Two pugs staring at nothing

Retro tattoo 29

30. Video game explosion

Retro tattoo 30

31. Captain America Tattoo

Retro tattoo 31

32. Super Mario when in flying mode

Retro tattoo 32

33. Super Mario and the Princess he can never save

Retro tattoo 33

34. Who is that singer?

Retro tattoo 34

35. Nice dog, probably the pet of the tattoo owner

Retro tattoo 35

36. Great tattoo of a monkey

Retro tattoo 36

37. Rose and heart meshed pixel tattoo

pixel ink design 37

38. Nice sleeve tattoo of a cool galaxy

pixel ink design 38

39. Pacman game tattoo

pixel ink design 39

40. Pokemon GO

pixel ink design 40

41. ” My favorite pug dog “

pixel ink design 41

42. Another Space Invaders tattoo that looks amazing

pixel ink design 42

43. Snake music note

pixel ink design 43

44. Gun fire bullet from old video games

pixel ink design 44

45. Rose

pixel ink design 45

46. Another pixel rose

pixel ink design 46

47. Do you recognize what this is? Looks like another rose

pixel ink design 47

48. Tiny watermelon, so cute

pixel ink design 48

49. Another Space Invader tiny tattoo

pixel tattoo 49

50. EPIC Star Wars pixel tattoo

video game tattoo 50

51. Burning house

video game tattoo 51

52. Penguins in the wild

video game tattoo 52

53. Boss from an old video game ( can’t remember which one )

video game tattoo 53

54. One hand shakes, the other cuts

video game tattoo 54

55. The famous green mushroom from Super Mario

video game tattoo 55

56. Where’s Wally?

video game tattoo 56

57. Super Mario

video game tattoo 57

58. Link from Zelda

pixel tattoo 58

59. Are you talkin’ to me?

pixel tattoo first

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