37 Whisper Confessions That Will Give You Chills

When you have a secret, the precious thing is to have someone to whisper it in his ear. It means a lot for your heart and soul and brings a sense of relief. However, people who made the Whisper app came on an idea that people could whisper their secrets to the whole world, but anonymously.

Though a good friend will not judge your secret, the world certainly has a bunch of comments on what you’ve just confessed. And you will be surprised yourself what people are confessing through this app worldwide. Scroll down the gallery and find out some of the weirdest, funniest and most bizarre whisper confessions from people all over the world.

1. Just didn’t have guts? This is the first in the whisper confessions list

whisper confessions (1)

2. OMG, will I ever forget this?!

whisper confessions 2 (1)

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3. The groom is a lucky man.

whisper confessions 3 (1)

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4. No comment

whisper confessions 4 (1)

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5. Too many responsibilities require a vent.

whisper confessions 5 (1)

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6. Dreaming of wedding… not reserved for girls exclusively.

whisper secrets 6 (1)

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7. Sometimes you just got to do something even if it’s not your thing.

whisper secrets 7 (1)

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8. Careful girl. One of these days you will be caught

whisper secrets 9 (1)

10. Oh, noooo….. How gross are you

whisper secrets 10 (1)

11. Maybe studying acting? Sounds like a good idea

whisper confessions 11 (1)

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12. So sad and so wrong … but it happenes

whisper secrets 12 (1)

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13. A healthy way to start a family. Whats next? Faking you’re happy?

whisper confessions 13 (1)

14. Professors bother me more in this story.

whisper secrets 14 (1)

15. What did the priest say? Probably liked it

whisper secrets 15 (1)

16. Interesting, indeed…Not so bad of an idea though

whisper secrets 16 (1)

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17. Dirty teacher and lucky student right? Whisper confessions list continues below…

whisper secrets 17 (1)

18. She didn’t forget how that was like… Never forget where you came from

whisper secrets 18 (1)

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19. White teeth and family come first.

whisper reveals 19 (1)

20. She can’t let him go in her mind?

whisper reveals 22 (1)

21. Pulling down a cops pants

whisper reveals 2 (1)

22. Lit my armpit on fire

whisper reveals 21 (1)

23. This sounds extremely dangerous

whisper reveals 22 (1)

24. Mom slapping your ass in public, and you’re in your 20’s

whisper reveals 23 (1)

25. Wearing nothing but underwear all the way home

whisper reveals 24 (1)

26. Walk of shame people, walk of shame

whisper reveals 25 (1)

27. Worshiping my stinky feet – Whisper confessions continues below…

whisper reveals 26 (1)

28. Dressing up as a cat for your lover – love this whisper confession

whisper reveals 27 (1)

29. You look better without my glasses

whisper reveals 28 (1)

30. You never know when the Zombies will attack

whisper reveals 29 (1)

31. Calling your BF daddy is a nono

whisper reveals 30 (1)

32. Mooing during sex

whisper reveals 31 (1)

33. Crying over dirty dishes

whisper reveals 32 (1)

34. Cheese balls from Costco

whisper reveals 33 (1)

35. Harry Potter tattoos in general.

whisper reveals 34 (1)

36. Paying someone to ask for your autograph on a date.

whisper reveals 35 (1)

37. Putting random pictures of people in photo albums and pretend they’re your friends

whisper confessions 36 (1)

There are plenty of more Whisper confessions over the internet, but these will do the trick, please share them with your friends.


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