Irish Mother Of Twins Replicates Beyonce Baby Reveal Photo And Everybody Loves It

This is one of those moments when celebrities are eclipsed by some normal people with a flawless sense of humour and imagination. These kind of pictures that we are about to discuss below are a reminder of what real, no Photoshop, raw life really means. And it’s just as beautiful.

Following Beyonce’s picture of her together with her newborn twins which was gorgeous, another wonderful one came flying on „the wings” of the Internet and it is just as flawless. An Irish mother of twins replicates Beyonce’s photo, only that she’s more humane in it: she’s wearing Converse, she has a pink fleece blanket on her shoulders, no make-up and her head is wrapped up in a white veil. What is even more stunning is the garden beside her.

Irish mother of twins replicates Beyonce baby reveal photo (1) Irish mother of twins replicates Beyonce baby reveal photo 2 (1)


Also, the babies look just as cute as Beyonce’s babies and the mother rocks. She’s not afraid to show her muscular legs and she’s proud of what she’s got: two wonderful bundles of joy, a great flower garden and a normal, beautiful life, as it seems.

Her name is Sharon Kellaway and she gave birth to a boy and a girl earlier this year. She thought Beyonce’s photo ”looked so unrealistic”, so she had to do something about it. She shared it on Facebook with the caption: “I wonder how many photos Beyoncé had to get through to get the right one. My 6 year old took the photos … no qualifications and still did a mighty job”

Irish mother of twins replicates Beyonce baby reveal photo 3 (1)

The post went viral. Asked by the Mirror why and how she did, she responded: „It was just random … I have the twins, the blanket and the veil, a few home-grown flowers in a the garden … I had what she had, so why not? Thought my friends would get a giggle … didn’t expect it to go this far!”

Irish mother of twins replicates Beyonce baby reveal photo 4 (1)


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