56 Funny Memes About School That Will Make Your Summer Vacation Better

We wrote so many times before about funny memes, it’s pointless to even say another word about it, but we will, if you may. As the summer kicks in high gear and students are leaving for their summer vacations, we thought it would be a great time to publish an article about some funny memes about school. So the kids can laugh a little while enjoying their time in the pool. Why not?

Why would a student on vacation would like to look at jokes about school you might ask. Well, just because you’re not studying right now doesn’t mean you’re not a student. So being able to laugh about the situation in the best way to handle the fact that summer will be over soon, and back to the teaching table you shall go.

Wherever you look at these funny memes about school and they make you laugh, or maybe they make you miss your school friends, or even dare I say it, miss school? You never know, things can get weird on the internet we all know this. Just enjoy.

Funny memes about school #1 How we all feel on the last day of school

funny memes about school 35 (1)

2. You’re not allowed in my classroom

funny memes about school 36 (1)

3. Helicopter rulers are a real thing

funny memes about school 37 (1)

4. No one ever looks good in a school picture

hilarious memes about school 38 (1)

5. If I learned about dragons I would have been an A student

hilarious memes about school 39 (1)

6. Welcome to college, where nothing matters anymore and you get laid a lot

hilarious memes about school 40 (1)

7. Hold my beer…

hilarious memes about school 41 (1)

8. That doesn’t make sense teacher!

hilarious memes about school 42 (1)

9. Brace yourselves, finals are coming

lol memes about school 43 (1)

10. That will be great yeah

lol memes about school 44 (1)

11. My life is over right now

lol memes about school 45 (1)

12. I was the guy who has no idea what’s going on

lol memes about school 46 (1)

13. LMAO! Longest link ever

lol memes about school 47 (1)

14. I dismiss you! How many times have you heard this line

funny memes on school 48 (1)

15. Ahh the summer break. I love you so

funny memes on school 49 (1)

16. You have no power here

funny memes on school 50 (1)

17. I was the healthiest sick kid in my school

funny memes on school 51 (1)

18. When you lose it for a second then remembers you need to pass

funny memes on school 52 (1)

19. Oh this is just bad

funny pictures about school 53 (1)

20. This meme about school is so funny I just had to mention it.

funny pictures about school 54 (1)

21. Love this. The best of the funny memes about school items

funny pictures about school 55 (1)

22. So true

funny pictures about school 56 (1)

23. And all the fuc** I don’t give

funny pictures about school 1 (1)

24. Why would you do this to me now. It’s vacation time

funny images about school 2 (1)

25. Exams on the first day of school is a new torture

funny images about school 3 (1)

26. Leaving my man cave

funny images about school 4 (1)

27. You just pour what you got and hope for the best

funny images about school 5 (1)

28. This will cause mass injuries

funny images about school 6 (1)

29. Love that clever line

funny images about school 7 (1)

30. LOL – Trulse

funny images about school 8 (1)

31. You know what I love about this meme? Everything

funny images about school 9 (1)

32. Obviously these guys skipped school a lot

funny memes about students 10 (1)

33. I’m not doing anything today

funny memes about students 11 (1)

34. High school life is the life

funny memes about students 12 (1)

35. Adam Sandler movies are all the same.

funny memes about students 13 (1)

36. Hello? Yes this is the 90’s calling…

funny memes about students 14 (1)

37. Nailed it

funny memes about students 15 (1)

38. When you miss one day of school all year

funny memes about students 16 (1)

39. Why not?

funny memes about students 17 (1)

40. Oh my, this looks bad

funny puns about school 18 (1)

41. College! Where everything goes

funny puns about school 19 (1)

42. Never give a student options.

funny puns about school 20 (1)

43. I just want to hang

funny puns about school 21 (1)

44. Nice answer

funny puns about school 22 (1)

45. I still fail

funny puns about school 23 (1)

46. So pretty much everything about it

funny puns about school 24 (1)

47. But he later turns into a famous internet person, so mom wins

funny puns about school 25 (1)

48. Happened to me once, bible.

funny puns about school 48a (1)

49. No!

funny jokes about school 27 (1)

50. It’s the people

funny jokes about school 28 (1)

51. I’m stuck in the middle

funny jokes about school 29 (1)

52. Don’t be a drama queen

funny jokes about school 30 (1)

53. Yeah right, teacher let it go

funny jokes about school 31 (1)

54. You try not to move so the teacher won’t talk to you too

funny jokes about school 32 (1)

55. Always bring another pencil

funny memes about school 33 (1)

56. High school musical was fun

funny memes about school 34 (1)

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