30 Funny Life Goals From Kids Who Just Get Life Way Better Than You

“Who do you want to be when you grow up?” – All the children in the world were asked this question and most of them came to hate it when they grew older. At least, I did. But before realizing the stupidity of the question, kids will always give the most hilarious answers you can never think of. A child’s imagination is an unmarked territory that hides many hidden ideas which, once told, will get you thinking “maybe I didn’t ask the right question”.

Why would a kid want to be a dog? Why would he want to be Batman? Well, I think we can answer this one. Why would he want to sit at home and do nothing? Only adults want that, right?

You’ve got 30 pieces of funny kids goals in life that will get you in 30 good moods today. ENJOY!

1. “Special” comes from the simplest things, life goals from kids right?

funny life goals 1 (1)

2. Hmm…it seems complicated

funny life goals 2 (1)

3. Because the Black Spiderman is the most powerful Spiderman. He knows his stuff!

funny life goals 3 (1)

4. Albert already knows what will make him happy as an adult

funny life missions 4 (1)

5.Green Bay Packers, it looks like you’re going to have a tough season!

funny life missions 5 (1)

6. He probably saw how spoiled their dog is

funny life missions 6 (1)

7. Batman is definitely a dream job

funny life missions 7 (1)

8. “What do you see?”

funny life missions 8 (1)

9. Checking if someone reads your homework

funny life missions 9 (1)

10. What kind of hat?

funny life missions 10 (1)

11. This kid…We want to hire him right now!

funny life missions 11 (1)

12. Not sure what to say about this one, though

funny health goals 12 (1)

13. A kid who knows the secret

funny health goals 13 (1)

14. Of course, he’s got horns. That’s why he called it that way, you dirty mind!

funny health goals 14 (1)

15. Sometimes, dreams can be so simple, yet so complicated

funny health goals 15 (1)

16. Easter Bunny, how could you?

funny health goals 16 (1)

17. He’s got quite a plan!

funny health goals 17 (1)

18. Is it too much?

funny health goals 18 (1)

19. He wanted to be a table, to support everybody. Don’t judge him!

funny life goals 19 (1)

20. He knows what  he wants. He’s going to make it big!

funny life goals 20 (1)

21. Money is not everything. Bacon is!

funny life goals 21 (1)

22. Building a statue seems like a good idea

funny life goals 22 (1)

23. He knows Santa shops on Amazon!

funny life goals 23 (1)

24. Poor Santa. I bet he’s googling “Hannah Montana” right now

funny life goals 24 (1)

25. Rain tacos! Now!

funny life goals 25 (1)

26. The boy knows the answer. You don’t know the question!

funny life goals 26 (1)

27. We’ve got a clever one here!

funny life goals 27 (1)

28. Well, he knows from a young age that you can’t rule the world without the girl

funny life goals 28 (1)

29. On his way to become a freelancer

funny life goals 29 (1)

30. I wonder what his parents told him

funny life goals 30 (1)

Any one of these hilarious life goals from kids is better than what I thought. Now check out these awesome relationship goals

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