50 Pictures Of The Best Street Art From All Over The World


Graffiti artists are often given a bad rep. When you think “graffiti,” you think “vandalizing.” But in some cities, the graffiti is just an urban art form. It’s celebrated by many. Though it’s not legal everywhere, people flock to cities with some awesome graffiti because it’s one of the best street art forms we have.

It can be a great way to showcase the culture and traditions of a city. If you live in an urban area with concrete structures, you can see why graffiti is a great addition. It brings those dull, gray structures to life.

Not everyone can show their art at art shows or hang paintings in local establishments. For some, the best way to show off their talents is to paint the town, literally.

Take a look at some of the best street art graffiti in these cities. Does your city have graffiti art like this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


best street art 1



best street art 2

#3 Incredible work – one of the best street art paintings we’ve seen

best street art 3


cool street art 4


cool street art 5


#6 Another amazing piece

cool street art 6


cool street art 7


cool street art 8


cool street art 9


#10 Looks so alive isn’t it?

cool street art 10


cool street art 11


cool street art 12


cool street art 13



cool street art 14

#15 She’s actually trying to open the safe LOL

cool street art 15


best street art 16

#17 The demons are coming from hell

epic street art 17


epic street art 18



epic street art 19

#20 I bet this parking spot is always free

epic street art 20


epic street art 21

#22 This is really nice art done inside a structure

epic street art 22


epic street art 23

#24 Try not to fall dude

epic street art 24


best street art 25

#26 Another great example of the art in the streets

best urban art 26


best urban art 27

#28 This is a cool 3d art graffiti technique

best urban art 28


best street art 29


best urban art 30


best street art 31


best urban art 32


best urban art 33


best urban art 34


best urban art 35


best urban art 36


best street art 37


best street art 38


best street art 39


best street graffiti 40


best street graffiti 41


best street graffiti 42


best street graffiti 43


best street graffiti 44


best street graffiti 45


best street graffiti 46

#47 I wouldn’t walk on this even though i know it’s just a painting

best street graffiti 47

#48 She tries to fish for real

best street grafiti 48

#49 The guy sitting in a swimsuit is legendary

best street art 49

#50 Try not to fall off

best street art 50

Did you enjoy these amazing images of the best street art? We just love murals or graffiti work that tricks your mind into thinking you’re actually looking at something else. If you loved these as much as we did, please share with your friends.