Tiny Owl And Germane Shepherd Dog Are The Best Of Friends And It Shows

Dogs are such social creatures. They love to make friends with people and other animals. We hear stories about dogs befriending the most unlikely of creatures all the time. We hear about big dogs rehabilitated tiny kittens. We hear about them being best friends with children from the day they’re born. They’re not just man’s best friend but a best friend for all.

Though it’s common to hear about dogs becoming buddies with other domesticated animals, you don’t often hear of them being BFF with wild animals. These photos clearly show that it is possible. Take a look at these sweet photos and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Ingo, a Belgian shepherd, lives in Germany with his human, Photographer Tanja Brandt.

dog and owl friends 1

Instagram/ tanja_brandt

Ingo and Tanja share their home with other dogs and many different types of rehabilitated birds.

dog and owl friends 2

Instagram/ tanja_brandt

Ingo’s birdy BFF is Poldi. Poldi was the “runt of the litter” so to speak. His egg hatched later than those of his siblings.

dog and owl friends 3

Instagram/ tanja_brandt

Ingo sensed that Poldi might need a protector.

dog and owl friends 4

Instagram/ tanja_brandt

Ingo took to Poldi quickly, as if Poldi was her baby.

dog and owl friends 5

Instagram/ tanja_brandt

Now Poldi is older and stronger and has owlets of his own.

dog and owl friends 6

Instagram/ tanja_brandt

Poldi and Ingo have busy social calendars these days, as most adults do, but they still make time for each other.

dog and owl friends 7

Instagram/ tanja_brandt
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