From Now On Try And keep Your Kids Baby Teeth For Their Future Health


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Have you been visited by the tooth fairy when you were a kid? Did she bring you good fortune in a form of some money under your pillow and sense that a new phase in your life started well in exchange for your baby tooth? According to recent scientific research fallen baby tooths can really bring good fortune, but not in that magical fairytale way, that our parents were creating for us in the name of the tooth fairy, but in a medical way and can help in solving medical problems later in life.

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So, scientist now recommend that you don’t give all your baby teeth to the tooth fairy, but maybe give it to your parents to keep those teeth in a safe place, because baby teeth contain stem cells and that if preserved quickly after falling out, the stem cells can be stored for years. That means if some medical problem occurs later in a life of a kid who saved his baby teeth and they’re preserved there is a chance to grow any kind of tissue, from heart cells to brain cells, and repair damaged tissue.

Much better than a dollar under your pillow, right?! So maybe try and keep those baby teeth from now on

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There is one more very important thing about keeping baby teeth, they have to be kept fresh. Like anything, stem cells degrade and lose their potency over time. So, just saving them in a box isn’t enough. Parents can use  Store-A-Tooth services where their kid’s tooth will be properly preserved.

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This is information of great importance which potentially can save many lives in the future. If you are interested in reading even more about the process of preserving baby teeth and how to actually do it visit Store-A-Tooth and don’t forget to share this info with anyone you care about.

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Superstitions about the power of baby teeth were actually onto something!

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Small but powerful- baby tooth

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