Planes undoubtedly became the most popular means of transport, which help to reach not only tropical lands but very distant corners of the world as well.

While the vast majority of airports greet their visitors with cleanliness, conditioned air, and helpful staff, some of them can‘t be so pleasant. In fact, there are at least five airports around the globe which might be easily called as extreme airports. And the Travel Ticker team is going to share that list just right now.

Pilots fly between the mountain and the cliff

theawesomedailycom-lukla_city- MOST EXTREME AIRPORTS IN THE WORLD

Lukla city in Nepal has the airport which in 2010 was elected as the most dangerous in the world. Here, the local landing trail stretches only 460 meters – one-tenth of the standard and required length.

Since there are no navigational aids, pilots have to rely only on the view through the cockpit window. The situation is further complicated by the fact that one end of the runway sits high in mountains, and the other in a deep cliff.

However, there are a lot of passengers in here, because people have to fly into this airport in order to visit and then climb Mount Everest.

Sunbathing on the tarmac

theawesomedailycom-barthelemy-5718b9ca43065 (1)

Caribbean Sea region’s Saint Barthelemy Island’s area is just 21 square kilometers. So, it is not surprising that in such a mini-space every piece of land is not wasted. However, as you might get the idea, there is not enough space for the entire plane landing trail too.

Planes here takedown right next to the luxury resorts, so guests have to get used to the noise.

In the resort, there is no shortage of warning signs, as some visitors tend to lie in the sun just nearby the landing area.

The airport on a size of the island

theawesomedailycom-hulhule_island-5718b9c3c58e5 (1)

Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, and it consists of nearly 1,200 islands with diverse sizes. In some of them, cities settle in, others attract tourists with wildlife, and behold the whole Hulhule island territory is occupied by the airport.

Water from all sides surrounds plane trail, so there must be not only pilots with excellent skills, but also passengers with cold nerves. It is the country’s main aviation center, so if you are ever going to travel to the capital Malé, you will surely have to get to this airport.

Aircraft landing on the beach

theawesomedailycom-princess_julianna’s_airport-5718b9c2cc1ec (1)

Probably most of us have seen the pictures of the San Marino-based Princess Julianna’s airport. The trail sits right next to Maho beach, so huge aircraft takes down about 10-20 meters above the heads of holidaymakers.

Although this way of traveling sounds very dangerous, this way you will actually avoid almost all exotic trips’ puzzle – how to get from the airport to the hotel.

Airport for eight pilots

theawesomedailycom-paro_airport-5718b9c39a73a (1)

Can you imagine the airport, where the plane can be landed only by eight pilots in the world? The exactly one like that named “Paro”, exist in Bhutan.

Passengers’ impressions speak for themselves – almost everyone who landed here described it as “horrific.”

The runway is surrounded by the high peaks of the rocks, so planes are allowed to land here only in daylight and when visibility is flawless.

Although the flight caused a lot of stress, Paro River and Himalayan mountains do not leave anyone indifferent – the views are breathtaking!

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