46 Funny Texts That Prove Technology Has Failed Us All

This is not the first post we did about funny texts being sent on instant messages apps, you can look at this big collection of fail texts, or even this hilarious texts from dog post we did a while back. So you already know we have a soft spot when it comes to funny texts being sent by mistake, or that damn auto-correct that messes up your text every time. It’s priceless! Take parents for example, it’s easy to say that most texts mistakes or funny messages come from parents, the reason is simple, most 40-50 years old were not born or raised in a world where smart phones is a basic thing as food, so they don’t have that skill in them like a 15-year-old who has an iPhone glued to their hand. Lack of technology skills = funny results for us.

Take a look at these 46 funniest texts collection and tell us in the comments which one is your favorite. Don’t forget to share as well.


Funny Texts #1 Mom texts are always the funniest

funny texts (1)

2: I think this mom knew what she was writing

funny texts 7 (1)

3: Drunk dad texts? Maybe, maybe not, but lightly fried fish is awesome

hilarious texts 6 (1)

4: Crazy mom

hilarious texts 2 (1)

5: Mom learning the meaning of WTF

hilarious texts 3 (1)

6: Mom really? Watch your mouth

hilarious texts 4 (1)

7: LMAO! This is my favorite i think

hilarious texts 5 (1)

8: Bored parents know how to pass the time

hilarious texts 22 (1)

9: Julian you dog! Wanna share more funny texts with us?

hilarious texts 37

10: Liar liar pants on fire, cheating GF

hilarious texts 38

11: Mom is cold, but it’s an effective way to find out

hilarious texts 44

12: Son trying to explain to mom what happened, faild miserably

funny texts 43

13: Strike three, and you’re out!

funny texts 46

14: Dad being the best dad he can

funny texts 42

15: Mom stahppp, you’re killing me

funny texts 41

16: Yayyyy we’re all gay….wait….what?

funny texts 48


17: funny nerd texts are always fun

funny texts 39

18: Building a fort is the best thing you can do together!

funny texts 45

19: Again, mom texts are the funniest texts ever!

funny texts 8 (1)

20: Get with the program mom, OMFG

funny texts 9 (1)

21: Gross dad, too much information much

funny texts 17 (1)

22: Because i’m reading them right now and texting back..

lol texts 11 (1)

23: Definitely, maybe, don’t bring DOUG

lol texts 10 (1)

24: Dad please, you sat on your phone again right?

lol texts 12 (1)

25: Just roll with it, it’s quicker, parents and texts it’s a mystery

lol texts 13 (1)

26: Mom really needs to learn how to texts

lol texts 14 (1)

26: Hilarious mistake text from mom

lol texts 15 (1)

26: Parents shouldn’t text

lol texts 16 (1)

29: It’s all in good fun, mom doesn’t think you’re shit

lol texts 18 (1)

30: You never listen Brian, never!

lol texts 20 (1)

31: Trying to trick mom into saying something stupid

lol texts 19 (1)

32: Mom doesn’t completely understand how texting work

funny texts 21 (1)

33: Forgetting your kid in the Walmart. Classic!

funny texts 32 (1)

34: Great dad, good to know you have a brain

funny texts 23 (1)

35: Wrong number messages are also cool

funniest texts 49

36: Never talk to text, just use your hands mom

funniest texts 25 (1)

37: Googling yourself is never a good idea man

funniest texts 26 (1)

38: Mom lost her ability to speak when she started texting

funniest texts 27 (1)

39: And somehow they manages to communicate

funniest texts 28 (1)

40: Moms never texts, never ever texts

funniest texts 29 (1)

41: No dancing, no fist bump, just go home mom

funniest texts 31 (1)

42: 7? Is nana so far ahead in the texting game we can’t get it?

funniest texts 30 (1)

43: Not sure far off

funniest texts 36 (1)

44: Are you really? Are you still together?

funny texts 34 (1)

45: That’s not something a mom wants to hear

funny texts 33 (1)

46: Coming out via text, funny as hell

funny texts 35 (1)

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