43 Chuck Norris Memes That Are So Badass They Should Get Their Own Movie

Chuck Norris memes have always been around the Internet, ever since Chuck was born, in 1940. How else could you keep track of his adventures, right? When Chuck Norris wants something, it happens. You can’t put up with this man’s will.

He invented the computer and the internet and the meme and then he sat down for lunch. Curious what’s on his diet? We recommend these 44 Chuck Norris funny images to find out  more about the legendary modern God of our days.

1. Ever wondered what Chuck Norris eats? You’ve got the answer now

chuck norris memes 1

2. You’ve got only one choice

chuck norris memes 2

3. He is a weapon

chuck norris puns 3 (1)

4. Remember that time when Norris lit up the forest?

chuck norris puns 4

5. A near chuck experience

chuck norris puns 5

6. The Lego suffers greatly

chuck norris puns 6 (1)

7. Russian Roulette is finally defeated

chuck norris puns 7

8. That’s right. I could bring bad luck naming a street after Chuck Norris

chuck norris images 8 (1)

9. There’s no other way. Accept it!

chuck norris images 9

10. You can’t kill him and except zero consequences

chuck norris images 10 (1)

11. A father of aliens, because why not

chuck norris images 11 (1)

12. What’s the best Chuck Norris story you know?

chuck norris images 12

13. He can do so much more

chuck norris is a badass 13

14. That’s why we don’t have a cure for cancer

chuck norris is a badass 14

15. Doesn’t like the laws of physics

chuck norris is a badass 15 (1)

16. A little pain, but so much pleasure

chuck norris is a badass 16 (1)

17. For someone who never submits, this is hopeless.

chuck norris is a badass 17

18. Superman has his own hero

chuck norris tv star 18 (1)

19. Just a typical Chuck experience

chuck norris tv star 19 (1)

20. There is a special type of sweat and it is called “justice”

chuck norris tv star 20 (1)

21. When Norris can’t find a piece of rope…

chuck norris tv star 21 (1)

22. He is not the Boogeyman. He’s the man you send to kill the fuc**ng Boogeyman

chuck norris tv star 22

23. He waits for the sleep to fall asleep

chuck norris funny lines 23

24. The Terminator? Huh! I can terminate him in no time

chuck norris funny lines 24

25. Just a young boy walking around

chuck norris funny lines 25

26. To infinity and back – An everyday story of the man

chuck norris funny lines 26

27. The natural shape of Chuck Norris? Check this.

chuck norris funny lines 27

28. Google has learned its lesson. Just Norris it.

chuck norris pics 28

29. He defies all laws of Pokemon, Caught them all before the game was even invented

chuck norris pics 29

30. Did you feel an earthquake? It was Chuck Norris doing push-ups

chuck norris pics 30

31. Chuck Norris will live forever

chuck norris pics 31

32. There is a single explanation why we don’t have dinosaurs anymore

chuck norris pics 32

33. Chuck Norris dictates the temperature around here

chuck norris movies 33

34. If Chuck Norris says you’re finished, it means you’re finished

chuck norris movies 34

35. If you are a Chuck Norris offspring, you can’t lose anything

chuck norris movies 35 (1)

36. When a zombie bites Chuck Norris, the zombie turns

chuck norris movies 36 (1)

37. The new Chuck Norris is about to be born?

chuck norris movies 37

38. The man is too much for this game

chuck norris movies 38

39. Chuck Norris is the theory of evolution itself

chuck norris movies 39 (1)

40. And Titanic wouldn’t have existed

chuck norris movies 40

41. Nobody is allowed to talk about Fight Club except the fight club itself.

chuck norris movies 41 (1)

42. He was born with fire instead of blood

chuck norris memes 42

43. Dangerous wine

chuck norris memes 43

We could honestly go on forever with these Chuck Norris memes, but let’s stop right here.

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