The Zooz Electric Bike Can Take You Faster Through The City, Without Polluting The Air

Meet the Zooz electric bike that can move you around the city with style and without the air pollution. The brain child of two creative motorcycle fans builders and designers.

People have been riding bikes for decades now. They are a very clean and healthy way of getting from point A to point B. But one this about the common bikes is that they are not too fast.

If you are in cities like Rotterdam, (where everyone rides a bike), you can go pretty fast with your bike. But not everyone lives in such areas and people are usually in a pretty damn hurry. Now imagine being able to ride a bike, which can go as fast as a motorcycle.

The good part is that you don’t need a license for this bike, you don’t have to pay taxes for it, you don’t have to have insurance and you can park it like a bike, (wherever you want).

This electric bike is called Zooz and it first started in 2017. Chris Zahner who at the time had been building motorcycles for 12 years, took a look at the growing market of e-bikes and the idea started forming in his head.

He started posting on social media about it, drawing the attention of one particular motorcyclist enthusiast and designer, Pete Kelly. Together they started working on creating a new electric bike that would revolutionize the market.

zooz electric bike
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zooz electric bike
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After some sketching and designing, they go into work and managed to produce at least 16 electric bikes. They later joined forces with Michael Baker, a motorcycle dealer, who started offering Zooz for sale to the customers.

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Over 60% of the first 100 copies have been sold and people are buying them rapidly. This new electric bike is very tempting since it offers a quick way of moving around the town, but without polluting the air and without worrying about all the taxes and the other things that come with having a motorcycle.

zooz electric bike
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