3-Piece Combined Rings for Animal Lovers


For those animal lovers out there who also want their passion to be part of their daily fashion, here’s a good read for all of you.

A handicraft artist from Bangkok, Thailand named Merry Me, has designed rings of 3 sets that formed an endearing little creatures when combined all together which resemble an animal tightly holding on to your finger. These designer rings are absolutely suitable to the taste of  animal lovers and will definitely fit to their fingers. There’s one ring that features a squirrel who chases after a chestnut with its head and tail as the two separate parts and the nut as the third one. Another is a seagull with its head, wing, and feet.

You can somehow create a unique creature out of different parts by mixing and matching them. It’s up to you on how you will make it appear more appealing. Nevertheless, these are worth to be worn and displayed. More info : Etsy

adorable animal rings 1

adorable animal rings 2

adorable animal rings 3

adorable animal rings 4

Source: Lostateminor



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