29 Guess I’ll Die Memes That Will Bring You Back To Life

No internet connection? Feel like dying? Not yet, not until you go through these 27 feel like dying memes. You’ll probably feel like they were meant specifically for you, but they are so relatable that they are meant for everybody. There is this old man in a red sweatshirt shrugging his shoulders and he looks like he’d better give up and die over a minor inconvenience.

The photo was first uploaded on iStockphoto, in 2009. It was first used as a reaction image in 2011. In 2015, a template of the old man was added on Meme Generator. In the fall of 2015, it became viral on Tumblr, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the photo of the old man shrugging his shoulders was associated with the text “Guess I’ll die”.

And now we’re here! Enjoy these relatable 27 Guess I’ll die memes!

1. Attention freak, get back on your chair!

guess i'll die memes 1 (1)

2. Literally, you can do that…guess i’ll die…

guess i'll die memes 2 (1)

3. This is one of the most horrible things in life: to have no idea what to eat!

guess i'll die memes 3 (1)

4. C’mon! Put your cool face on and deal with it!

guess i will die memes 4 (1)

5. You’d better do something about it

guess i will die memes 5 (1)

6. Sometimes, sex can be a very tiring experience

guess i will die memes 6 (1)

7. If you’re survivor, you’ll make it to the kitchen to get some water, but only if you’re a survivor

guess i will die memes 7 (1)

8. You’re too young, pal.

guess i will die memes 9 (1)

9. Now, sloths have better chances at dying than us, right?

guess i will die memes 10 (1)

10. There cannot be such an outrage

think i'll die memes 11 (1)

11. He cannot die! He is not allowed to die. No way!

think i'll die memes 12 (1)

12. Oh, c’mon! There are worse things than that, aren’t they?

think i'll die memes 13 (1)

13. Donald Trump making a trip to the other side?

think i'll die memes 14 (1)

14. Well, then, call someone.

think i'll die memes 16 (1)

15. Well, you’ll die one day. If you do it in style, they might make you a saint.

think i'll die memes 17 (1)

16. You have to eat in…and you won’t die anymore

guess i'm dying memes 18 (1)

17. “Mom, I’ve told you I want Mac’ n Cheese”

guess i'm dying memes 19 (1)

18. Hold your horses.

guess i'm dying memes 20 (1)

19. What is this?

guess i'm dying memes 21 (1)

20. “What is he doing? Has he forgotten about me? I will show him!”

guess i'm dying memes 22 (1)

21. Mac’ n Cheese ’till you can’t take anymore

guess i'm dying memes 24 (1)

22. Yes, but just not right now. After you finish with your responsibilities…

guess i'm dying memes 25 (1)

23. That destroyed the whole scene. I guess it comes with being a human, so there’s nothing you can do

guess i'm dying memes 26 (1)

24. He’s now free, somewhere around here, wishing to take revenge

guess i'll die memes 27 (1)

25. Well, he actually died, or so it looks like.

guess i'm dying memes 29 (1)

26. How rude, how could you do that?

guess i'm dying memes 30 (1)

27. That is a tragedy!

guess i'll die memes 31 (1)

28. Guess i’ll pixel out of here

guess i'll die 28 (1)

29. Being black and a cop…

guess i'll die 29 (1)


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