25 Awesome Yoga Poses Every Yoga Master Should Know


Yoga is amazingly famous and useful for exercising not just the mind, but the body and soul as well. It is proven to be helpful to improve strength and vitality to the immune system and because it is so much fun and interesting to do yoga, many are becoming inclined to it nowadays.

It’s easy to get inspired from yoga gurus that pull a Peter Pretzel or Polly because of their amazing flexibility and body strength that they managed to achieve through many years of practice, and they finally come to this point.

If you’re an avid yoga fan then most of us admire and somehow desire to be like them at one point. But the mere fact is that if you are not 100% as committed and as passionate as they are, it will be really hard to achieve a high level of flexibility and strength.

All you can do is be amazed and be in awe of these incredible yoga positions that you can try to exercise and improve little by little. Chances are, that at the beginning at least, you will look dumb for trying, but don’t be discouraged, like everything in life, after a while it gets better. Take a look at these awesome yoga poses below to get the juices flowing:

1. Iron Cross Headstand

awesome yoga poses 2


2. Handstand Scorpion

awesome yoga poses 3

3. King Pigeon Pose

awesome yoga poses 4

4. Peacock

awesome yoga pose 5

5. Sleeping Yogi, one of the coolest yoga poses to try

awesome yoga pose 6


6. Hummingbird

awesome yoga pose 7

7. Peacock Variation

awesome yoga pose 8

8. Chakra Bond Pose

awesome yoga pose 9

9. Firefly B

incredible yoga poses 10


10. Extreme Hummingbird

incredible yoga poses 11

11. Flying Crow, looks a little bit weird, but excellent pose to try

incredible yoga poses 12

12. Standing Flying Crow

incredible yoga poses 13

13. Big Toe Bow

cool yoga poses 14


14. Locust Scorpion

awesome yoga poses 15

15. Backbend Lion

cool yoga poses 16

16. Leg Behind the Head Sage

cool yoga poses 17

17. Dancer Split

cool yoga poses 18

18. Headstand Bow

cool yoga poses 19


19. No Hands Bow

amazing yoga poses 20

20. Headstand Lotus

amazing yoga poses 21

21. Extreme Dancer

amazing yoga poses 22

22. Shoulder stand

amazing yoga poses 23

23. Handstand Lotus

amazing yoga poses 24

24. Eight Crooked Limbs

awesome yoga poses 25

25. Scorpion With a Broken Tail – i love this! This is an amazing yoga pose

awesome yoga poses 26

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