29 Red Animals That Are Too Beautiful To Describe

The red color can mean many different things around the world. Most know it as the symbol of love and lust, in nature, the red color has a more important role, usually when a red animal is seen, it’s common knowledge that this animal is poisonous in nature and it signals the other animals to back away. But us humans, we love red animals because for us this color is one of the most beautiful colors in the rainbow.

Check out below the cool list of 29 red animals with a little bit of info on each one. And if you happen to know of any other animals in that color we missed, let us know in the comment section.

1. Scarlet Ibis

Red Animals 6 (1)
via Bjørn Christian Tørrissen via wikimedia commons

From South America and islands of the Caribbean. This bird has such bright red color it’s very well known in the area as the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago

2. Purus Red Howler

Red Animals 9 (1)
via  D. Gordon E. Robertson via wikimedia commons

This animal can be found mostly in Brazil, Peru, and North Bolivia. One of the rarest and only few nest building monkeys. Are famous for their loud howls.

3. Christmas Island Red Crab

Red Animals 3 (1)
via John Tann

From the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean and other than a very unusual name, they are known for their huge migration to the ocean to lay their eggs

4. Scarlet Lily Beetle

Red species 4 (1)
via crabchick

A leaf beetle eating the leafs she resides on.

5. The Red Panda

Red species 5 (1)
via Peter Meenen via wikimedia commons

Can be found in eastern Himalayas and southwestern China and this adorable little panda lives in trees and mainly eats bamboo. The size of the Red Panda is similar to a house cat

6. Strawberry Poison frog

Red Animals 1 (1)
via Marshal Hedin

Can be found in Central America and it’s poisonous

7. Siamese Fighting Fish

Red species 7 (1)
via Daniella Vereeken

The size of about 6.5cm can mainly be found in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. You can learn more about the betta fighting fish here

8. The Red Sea Star

Red Animals 8 (1)

Can be seen mostly in East Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Roughly the size of 20cm

9. Red Lory

Red Animals 2 (1)
via Joost Rooijmans

Can be found in Indonesia, Australia and New Guinea. The Lory is a highly intelligent parrot

10.The Red Swamp Crayfish

Red species 10 (1)
via coniferconifer

Used to live solely in the US, but you can now find it in other continents too. Usually lives in fresh warm waters

11. Coconut Octopus

Red Animals 11 (1)
via  Bernard Dupont

Usually found in western Pacific Ocean. This medium size animal prey on shrimp.

12. The Northern Cardinal

bright color Animals 12 (1)

A North American bird commonly known as RedBird. Males are hard red color while the females are more orange in nature

13. Eastern Red-Spotted Newt

bright color Animals 13 (1)
via  Putneypics

Found in small ponds and lakes in Eastern North America. A common aquarium fish

14. The Red Velvet Ant

Red Animals 14 (1)
via Mark Musselman

Native to the US. This species is actually a wasp species, they are around 2cm in size and are known to have really painful stings that can kill a cow

15. Oxyrhopus Melanogenys – Coral Snake

Red Animals 15 (1)
via Bernard Dupont

Found in the Northern part of South America, the size of this snake is around 68cm long

16. Western Scorpion Fish

bright color Animals 16 (1)
via Francesco Veronesi

Can be found in the Pacific Ocean near Japan, roughly the size of 76cm and as you can see it has a weird shape and a very strong red color.

17. Tomato Frog

Red Animals 17 (1)

Lives in Madagascar and is one of these frogs that can puff up his chest when threatened. When predators try to bite this frog, he releases a venom type that hurts the creatures eyes and mouth causing it to release the frog so he can escape

18. The Blood Red Glider

Red Animals 18 (1)
via  James St. John

Beautiful butterfly found in Central Africa. One side of the butterfly is strong red ( hence the name ) and the other is green or even brown.

19. Red Velvet Mite

bright color Animals 24 (1)
via Ton Rulkens

Known as the rain bug. These little animals are actually active predators feeding on parasites and insects.

20. Cardinal beetle ( Red headed )

Red Animals 20 (1)
via  Charles J Sharp

Around 2cm in size, can be found mainly in the UK. While there are many animals with red color that are toxic in nature, this beetle is not, and the red color is used as a defensive feature preventing other animals from hunting it down.

21. Red-Veined Darter

Red Animals 25 (1)
via Becks

Lives in most areas of the world.

22. Scarlet Macaw

Red Animals 22 (1)
via Dick Daniels

South America is the home of this beautiful red animal, and while it has more colors other than red, the parrot made it to this list.

23. The Spider-Man agama ( Mwanza Flat-Headed Rock Agama )

Red Animals 23 (1)
via  Christian Mehlführer

Can be found mostly in  Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya. Usually you will find this lizard just chilling on a rock in the dessert heat.

24. Red Squirrel

Red Animals 19 (1)
via Mareckr Marek Rykiel

Can be found around Eurasia. Lives on trees and the color of his coat can change according to the weather. But mainly it’s red.

25. The Cherry Shrimp

Red Animals 21 (1)
via Stevencaller

Mainly from Taiwan and can reach around 4cm in length.

26. Glass Eye Squirrel Fish

red animals 26 (1)via  wikipedia.org

Roughly the size of 57cm, can be found in in tropical seas.

27. Lady Red Bug

red animals 27 (1)via kids.nationalgeographic.com

The Lady Red Bug is possibly the most recognizle bug in the world with its red back and black dots

28. The Red Tabby cat

red animals 28 (1)
via pixabay.com

It’s easy to recognize the tabby cat as his coat is covered in red lines.

Most of the info in this article was compiled from Wikipedia.org


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