29 Funny Airport Pick Up Signs That Are So Embarrassing They’re Hilarious

Flights can be exhausting experiences and all you want is to see a familiar face in the crowd waiting for you patiently, ready to welcome you and hug you and take you home. Yet, a good laugh is always welcome so some people like to add some extra spice into this situation by creating funny airport pick up signs that are honestly sometimes just embarrassing.

Let’s check out in the gallery below a huge collection of hilarious airport pick up signs and welcome messages from various people, greeting their friends, brothers, sons, neighbors…at the airport in a silly, strange or adorable way. If you like these signs, you will love these 17 Funny Protest Signs That Will Win Any Argument

1. Welcome, Darth Vader!

airport pick up signs 1 (1)

2. Nobody can embarrass you like your own family.

airport pick up signs 2 (1)

3. Hey, I just met you and this is crazy…

airport pick up signs 3 (1)

4. Embarrassing his wife in front of business partners. She loved it.

airport pick up messages 4 (1)

5. May the force be with Rebeca.

airport pick up messages 5 (1)

6. It’s Christmas time and this dude loves it.

airport pick up messages 6 (1)

7. Believe it or not, this young lady is welcoming her grandma and grandpa with this sign.

airport pick up messages 7 (1)

8. This dude always welcomes his straight friends in this way.

airport pick up messages 8 (1)

9. This troll is epic! Seattle airport.

airport signs 9 (1)

10. Welcome, dad! Now you take care of mommy.

airport signs 10 (1)

11. This is the way a dad meets a daughter at the airport.

airport signs 11 (1)

12. And this is how you meet a friend who owns a chocolate factory.

airport signs 12 (1)

13. Hi there, bro in law!

airport signs 13 (1)

14. The best welcome message a solder could see.

airport funny signs 14 (1)

15. Picking up a metal band at the airport.

airport funny signs 15 (1)

16. Yey, you did it! Everyone should know!

airport funny signs 16 (1)

17. Just trolling a neighbor coming home by flight.

airport funny signs 17 (1)

18. This is how you meet a son you haven’t seen for years.

airport funny signs 18 (1)

19. Three nasty siblings meeting their parents at the airport.

airport funny signs 19 (1)

20. I think we should see other people…

airport funny signs 20 (1)

21. This is how you pick up a roommate from the airport.

airport funny signs 21 (1)

22. Mommy should know some things right away.

airport pick up signs 22 (1)

23. Dad trolling his straight son at the airport.

airport funny signs 23 (1)

24. Meeting a brother after a year at the University.

airport funny signs 24 (1)

25. Aww… this sign.

airport funny signs 25 (1)

26. The crowd gets disappointed every time his son shows up.

airport funny signs 26 (1)

27. This is what friends are for…

airport funny signs 27 (1)

28. I can relate to this one.

airport pick up signs 28 (1)

29. A three-year-old girl waits for her father at the airport.

airport pick up signs 29 (1)

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