Cat Follows Her Soldier Hooman Everywhere And Offers Support And Unconditional Affection

This cat is a soldier’s best friend. Maybe she was born for the job and that’s why she does it wonderfully. Today, we’re going to follow Sophie’s story from the first time she met Julie, her hooman, to her current travelling anywhere her soldier best friend is going.

Julie Cordes’ daughter brought home the little tabby called Sophie, four years ago.

“We soon became buddies and traveling companions. She has lived with me in Illinois, Arizona, Kansas and now Maryland.

I tell her she’s my best friend. She’s very affectionate and playful. She makes me laugh out loud and definitely has a sense of humor”, says Julie.

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The feline is a true help for Julie’s stressful and busy working life. Sophie has become her support in hard times and her source of joy, affection and fun when she’s travelling with work. The cat is a very important part of Julie’s life and she seems to sense when her human needs that little extra affection that only a pet can give.

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“Sophie helps me stay sane with all the moving we’ve done. If I get upset, she talks to me and stays close by. She has even put her paw on my mouth to calm me”, says Julie Cordes.

The soldier was never a cat person, but meeting Sophie changed everything. “She’s had a significant impact on my love for animals generally… and my love for cats specifically. She’s such a precious jewel. She teaches me about unconditional love and patience.

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I’m probably a better student with her since I’ve already had kids”, says Julie. It seems like Sophie is the perfect friend and family that you could ever wish for She can always purr you out of a storm.

“I love her. She knows this. We’re family”, says Julie Cordes  and we can’t help, but go “Awww!”

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All images: Julie Cordes


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