27 Happy Birthday Memes That Will Make Getting Older a Breese

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday to you! Is it your friends’ birthday? That means you are in desperate need of a way to tell him how much you love him and wish him to have as many Happy Birthdays as stars in the sky. It’s your friend and you love him right?

Then these Happy Birthday memes are the perfect thing for you! Feel free to share them with your friends and family and Happy Birthday! to you all, no matter if it’s your birthday or not.

1. Are you planning on a Star Trek-themed birthday?

happy birthday meme (1)

2. A friend is always true to you. I love this happy birthday meme

happy birthday meme 1 (1)

3. You need to have as many birthdays as possible. Science demands it!

happy birthday pics 2 (1)

4. That friend with big teeth and…a nice breath screaming Happy Birthday in your ear!

happy birthday pics 3 (1)

5. A fine way of saying Happy Birthday to your friends

happy birthday pics 4 (1)

6. The most relatable Happy Birthday meme ever

happy birthday pics 5 (1)

7. Getting older has its perks and troubles

happy birthday pics 6 (1)

8. What can be better than an elephant wishing you Happy Birthday? Maybe an elephant showing up at your Birthday party

happy birthday wishes 7 (1)

9. Good one! I’ve never thought about it. My favorite happy birthday meme picture

happy birthday wishes 8 (1)

10. Celebrate yoda style. Birthday happy is it

happy birthday wishes 10 (1)

11. Getting older and getting slower is kind of the same thing

happy birthday wishes 11 (1)

12. A different kind of birthday cake

happy birthday wishes 12 (1)

13. What can be sweeter than a baby’s song?

happy birthday wishes 13 (1)

14. How do you say about this wish? Do you want it to be like that?

happy birthday images 14 (1)

15. This beautiful vase of flowers is all you need for your birthday!

happy birthday images 15 (1)

16. You’re just getting retro

happy birthday images 16 (1)

17. Could you believe this? The man is saying Happy Birthday to you and you are just staring at him? You say “thank you!”

happy birthday images 17 (1)

18. When your birthday looks like it’s going to be sweet, so sweet

happy birthday images 18 (1)

19. Wait, is that a cake? Some sort of cake…

happy birthday images 19 (1)

20. No matter what, you are magnificent and you should know it!

happy birthday greetings 20 (1)

21. For all you niggas out there…

happy birthday greetings 21 (1)

22. Nicolas Cage says Happy Birthday, but that face…

happy birthday greetings 22 (1)

23. Ok, this is a quite creepy way of saying it

happy birthday greetings 23 (1)

24. Some nice way to scare your friend on his birthday

happy birthday greetings 24 (1)

25. Happy Birthday to you from your favourite giraffe!

happy birthday meme 25 (1)

26. How couldn’t you have a happy birthday when this fella’ here is wishing it?

happy birthday meme 26 (1)

27. I woke up today and the sun whispered to me it is time to drink and eat for free…

happy birthday meme 27 (1)

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