26 WTF Memes That Are So Weird They Should Be Banned For Life

We all go “Wtf!” most of our lives. There is always something that happens and makes us go “wtf”. We all know the feeling, right? Life can be so unpredictable and “wtf” is the best antidote for staying sane and on track.

So, use “wtf” as often as you can because that way you can keep your self-esteem and sense of humor on a high level. But still, there is a cruel pleasure in wanting to know what are your favourite wtf moments in your life.

So, we’ve chose our favourite 26 wtf memes to entertain you and help you relate to them. Maybe, this way, you would like to share with us your best wtf life moments, would you?

1. We begin with a tough wtf meme

wtf memes 1 (1)

2. Well, the woman might know something, but….

wtf memes 2 (1)

3. Go ask somewhere else for lame

wtf memes 3 (1)

4. Wtf moment so hardcore that his eyes hurt

wtf puns 4 (1)

5. Take my hand if you dare…

wtf puns 5 (1)

6. When that drunk friend begins to run up and down the stairs with no reason…

wtf puns 6 (1)

7. This is quite puzzling. Read at your own risk!

wtf puns 6 (1)

8. Say whaaat?

wtf puns 7 (1)

9. Wtf is this? Not sure…

wtf images 8 (1)

10. Spank her! You don’t want her to go unpunished, do you?

wtf images 9 (1)

11. When a game tires you more than actual living

wtf images 10 (1)

12. What is that? Never heard of it! Don’t mention it while I’m standing near you!

wtf images 11 (1)

13. Is he sure he made the right decision? Could honestly say from all the wtf memes on this list, this is the weirdest.

wtf images 12 (1)

14.  It is a legitimate question that should be answered accordingly

wtf pics 13 (1)

15. Wtf moment of the highest level

wtf pics 14 (1)

16. That face we all make when she’s buying too many clothes and you have to pay for them. Just kidding, it’s a meme!

wtf pics 15 (1)

17. What would you say?

wtf pics 16 (1)

18. Salvation is on the way. Hold on, buddy!

wtf pics 17 (1)

19. You go “Wtf!”, but you still check the situation. My favorite wtf meme on the list.

weird memes 18 (1)

20. Everything can be handled nice and easy with a sharpie

weird memes 19 (1)

21. We all know the struggle of wanting a Gopro, but being to poor to get one, but then this happens…

weird memes 20 (1)

22. When you’re just staring at him and he doesn’t answer

weird memes 21 (1)

23. Some things you just can’t unsee. Please, tell me this is Photoshop

weird memes 22 (1)

24. Want a status of the situation? Wtf!

weird memes 23 (1)

25. Classy can never go wrong

wtf memes 24 (1)

26.” Wtf, dude! Contain yourself, it’s not your crush, it’s mine!”

wtf memes 25 (1)

These were some of the best memes that make you say wtf, hope you like it. And make sure to check out this collection of the funniest memes to make you laugh a little.

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