25 Honest Disney Movie Posters That Will Ruin Childhood Movies Forever

honest disney movie posters feat (1)

If you are a true fan of Disney movies and you melt over every single fairy tale with a happy ending barely holding a tear in your eye when The End appears on the screen, you might skip this gallery. Here we have a collection of Disney movie posters transformed with a magic of sarcasm into totally honest Disney movie posters and their representations of a particular movie.

The sarcastic, brutally honest movie posters of how would Disney movies would look like if they were coming from reality and not from a fairy tale world are here just for fun and for a good laugh and not to ruin the magic, and some of them are really hilarious. Check out for yourself, even if you are a hardcore Disney movies fan, and enjoy quality humor.

1. 101 Dalmatians – That’s a lot! Spray your pets!

honest disney movie posters


2. How to get a girl – learn from Aladin.

honest disney movie posters 2

3. Stockholm syndrome in The Beauty and the Beast

honest disney movie posters 3

4. The Brave – No prince required

honest movie posters 4

5. The power of makeup and outfit, girls!

honest movie posters 5


6. ‘Cause I got high, Because I got high, Because I got high…

honest movie posters 6

7. The Cars, in the Disney honest edition.

honest movie posters 7

8. Little Mermaid: Change who you are for your man, girls.

honest disney movie titles 8

9. Snowhite, honest edition.

honest disney movie titles 9


10. Let’s get high with Disney! They know it’s true

honest disney movie titles 10

11. Pop culture stereotypes

honest disney movie titles 11

12. Beautiful message from UP. We said this is the honest Disney movie posters list, so there you go

honest disney film posters 12

13. The nice guy Quasimodo.

honest disney film posters 13


14. Right! I never thought about this before… Pocahontas.

honest disney film posters 14

15. The princess is Black… Best one on this list

honest disney film posters 15

16. A special birthday, indeed. Sleeping beauty.

honest disney film posters 16

17. This really made me cry as a six-year-old.

trueful disney movie posters 17

18. Questionable issues in King Arthur legend of the sword.

trueful disney movie posters 18


19. I thought I’ve heard the story before…

trueful disney movie posters 19

20. No, it’s not about the snowman.

trueful disney movie posters 20 (1)

21. Unpaid internship, monsters know how it’s like.

trueful disney movie posters 21 (1)

22. A movie about College with no booze, who wants to see that! That’s what you get on the honest Disney movie posters list

trueful disney movie posters 22 (1)

23. Toys are great!

trueful disney movie posters 23 (1)

24. Wall-e, honest edition.

honest disney movie posters 24 (1)

25. Two Hour Daft Punk music video

honest disney movie posters 25 (1)

Be honest, these honest Disney movie posters ruined your childhood right? If you answered yes, share with your friends to ruin theirs too.