Science Inspired Jewelry Are The Beautiful Creations Of Somersault18:24. The Idea Behind The Brand Is To Spread The Conversation About Science Via Jewelry That Will Get People Talking

If you never heard of science inspired jewelry before, don’t sweat it, most people didn’t. But this new trend is picking up steam fast and we think it could be very, very popular! The whole idea here is to create beautiful jewelry that has a strong connection to scientific facts or themes, for example: You know those cool name necklaces or best friends necklaces? Well think about something like that only with a biological theme, would you wear an anatomical structure necklace or a heart monitoring ring? If you answered YES! This article is just for you.

These science inspired jewelry are the beautiful creations of the brand somersault18:24. The idea behind the brand is to spread the conversation about science via jewelry that will get people talking, the fact that some of these pieces also look amazing and you would want to wear them just because is a nice side effect.

Idoya & Luk are the creators behind the jewelry and they are scientists themselves, so it’s no surprise they take a scientific approach when it comes to manufacturing and creating the science jewelry line. When you wear one of these pieces you can be sure that it will be a great conversation starter and each piece of science jewelry has a story or better yet, a scientific fact behind it, so you learn while looking fabulous, that’s a great mix.

On their site you can purchase any of the science inspired jewelry you see below and many more, if you’re passionate about science and want to flash it with taste, these jewelry will do just that. Browse the images below and tell us which one is your favorite.

Check out this heartbeat ring as the first piece on the science inspired jewelry gallery

science inspired jewelry 1 (1)

Red blood cells ring – incredible piece

science inspired jewelry 2 (1)

Are you familiar with the Circle of Willis?

science inspired jewelry 3 (1)

Oxytocin necklace

science inspired rings 4 (1)

tRNA – no idea what this is, but i really like it!

science inspired rings 5 (1)


science inspired rings 6 (1)

Wear a virus on your neck

science inspired rings 7 (1)

My favorite of the science inspired jewelry – the DNA necklace

science inspired necklaces 8 (1)

Fz3 orbital – amazing!

science inspired necklaces 9 (1)

Purkinje cells

science inspired necklaces 10 (1)

Dopamine serotonin and serotonin rings – so beautiful

science inspired necklaces 11 (1)

Human brain necklace

science themed jewelry 12 (1)

these are nerves

science themed jewelry 13 (1)

Hyoid bone

science themed jewelry 14 (1)


science themed jewelry 15 (1)

West Nile Virus and Adenovirus

science jewelry 16 (1)

More DNA jewelry

science jewelry 17 (1)

Even deeper

science jewelry 18 (1)

And even deeeeeeper

science jewelry 19 (1)

A petri dish coin necklace

science inspired art 20 (1)


science inspired art 21 (1)

Golgi apparatus

science inspired art 22 (1)

Heart veins

science inspired art 23 (1)


science inspired art 24 (1)

This is the internal ear

science inspired art 25 (1)


science inspired jewelry 26 (1)


science inspired jewelry 27 (1)

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