22 Parents Shouldn’t Text Examples Every Parent Needs To See To Understand Why

For some adults, the Internet may seem as a jungle, especially when it comes to Internet slang and confusing jungles such as LOLs, WTFs and YOLOs. As some kid would get confused if you put him in a position of an average adult person, also adults get caught in a web of a modern lifestyle and rules of communication. That is the case most often when parents try to text or talk with their kids in their own language or tech. In the gallery below you can check out some hilarious examples of why parents shouldn’t text.

Take your time to scroll down the huge collection of failed parents iPhone text messages which are a perfect example of what can happen when parents who don’t understand modern social network communications try to engage in it anyway. Personally, I find that really touching, and perfectly ok. And some of them are really brilliant. So, if the question is – Should parents text their kids in a modern way?, the answer is – Yes, please!

1. This mom rules! Parents shouldn’t text? I don’t think so

parents shouldn't text

2. Emoticons are fun for everyone, 7 to 77.

parents shouldn't text 2

3. Why do you ask?

parents shouldn't text 3

4. Leave Google logo alone, son.

parents shouldn't sms 4

5. Text him that, it’s important. Dad shouldn’t be allowed to use tech

parents shouldn't sms 5

6. Howdoyoudo… Really? moms are banned from texting forever

parents shouldn't sms 6

7. Nailed her own child. – best burn ever!

parents shouldn't sms 7

8. At least this mom uses LOL right.

parents failed text 8

9. This mom is cruel.

parents failed text 9

10. Do not be fooled – it’s provocation.

parents failed text 10

11. Mom has good intuition.

parents failed text 11

12. Provocation again, you kids are not so smart…

parents shouldn't use tech 12

13. LOL! This dad rocks!

parents shouldn't use tech 13

14. Okay, hashtags are advanced level on SM.

parents shouldn't use tech 14

15. Stop doing that. Mom takes her texting seriously

parents shouldn't use tech 15

16. It’s perfectly fine!

parents funny text 16

17. Room with the view…and a finger in front of it.

parents funny text 17

18. Brilliant YOLO usage by mom.

parents funny text 18

19. WTF!?

parents funny text 19

20. Oh nooo… This dad is cold ice.

parents funny text 20

21. Who wants to be poop-kissed?!

parents shouldn't text 21

22. And she thought milk was the only thing she forgot. This was the last parents shouldn’t text image, hope you liked it

parents shouldn't text 22

Have you recalled some similar situation that happened to you when your parents failed at texting? Please, share with us in the comment section!

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