16 Pictures Of Chill Animals That Are So Cool I’m Catching a Cold


We all love that one person who is always chill and looking like everything is under control. He is usually the most popular guy in school and life seems easy for him. Why wouldn’t it? When he is so cool and relaxed all the time.

Well, usually, it is impossible to be like that all your human life as problems usually kick you out of your skin and onto your toes trying to handle them. Do you know the feeling? Right. But, from time to time, you have to settle down and be that kid from High School, that chill, no-fucks-give type of guy and try not to overreact to everything. Just try that sometimes!

To help you, we’ve provided for you 16 examples of chill animals playing it cool, not giving a damn about anything and who seem to have it all under control and figure out. Let’s watch them and maybe we’ll find something to learn from them for our lives.

1. “Paint me like one of your French girls!” such a chill animal

chill animals good


2. “The hoomans are so annoying sometimes!”

chill animals good

3. “What? I ate no pizza! It ate itself!”

chill animals good 2

4. “I’m fabulous and I know it!”

cool animals good 3

5. A cat knows how and when to be lazy! This is my favorite chill animals pic

cool animals good 4


6. Trying to be Zen and you’re in my way

cool animals good 5

7. “I’m sleepy and you’re bothering me!”

cool animals good 6

8. “So, if we stand like this we will be insanely cute and those silly humans will give us treats and rub our bellies!”

relaxed animals good 7

9. “It’s colder than I’ve thought! i’ll be chill tomorrow”

relaxed animals good 8


10. Bonding with my fellow chilled human

relaxed animals good 9

11. Relaxing time, he’s so chill i am getting a cold

relaxed animals good 10

12. “People, everywhere I look, people!”

chill animal pics 11

13. Not a single f**k shall be given today. The most chill animals image ever

chill animal pics 12


14. “What? You don’t like my attitude? I don’t care!”

chill animal pics 14 (1)

15. “Mind your own business, hooman!”

chill animal pics 15 (1)

16. Not a care in the world, not even for global warming

chill animals 16 (1)

If these chilled animals didn’t convinced you to play it cool, we can’t help you anymore.


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