21 Cool Magnets To Finally Make Room On Your Refrigerator For Awesome Things

Everybody has a thing for refrigerator magnets! How many small colorful pieces of those cool magnets do you have on your refrigerator, brightening up your mornings and recalling good memories? I think my number has reached one hundred or something close. Magnets are my the best-preferred souvenir of all! When I go to some new place for a holiday, magnets and photos are the only souvenirs I bring back home, cause I don’t like to waste time on shopping. Once you come back, they are always on display, bringing back good times and atmosphere from the best periods in a year. It must’ve been some genius who invented them, I wonder who that was, don’t you? Okay…Google check…It was William Zimmerman of St. Louis, Missouri, in the early 1970s’, and today they can be found in everyone’s home! Talk about inventing something cool, magnets are pretty cool for sure!

In the gallery below you can check out some cool refrigerator magnets which took the whole thing to the next level by the creativity of their designers. There are fifteen interesting examples which are waiting for you to choose from and bring a cool new detail into your kitchen. Don’t forget to share with us which is your favorite in the comments section. I’ve decided I must make some space on my refrigerator for Tetris magnets, right now!

1. Water Droplets cool magnets i need in my home

cool magnets 1 (1)

Designer: Sangwoo Nam

2. Bacon – Because bacon!

cool magnets 2 (1)


3. Small Tree-buttons

cool magnets 3 (1)


4. Cool Guitar Magnet Set

cool magnets 4 (1)

epic magnets 5 (1)


5. Shelves – so versatile

epic magnets 6 (1)

epic magnets 7 (1)

Designer: Henry Julier

6. Rock Magnets

epic magnets 8 (1)

Designer: Shaw Quan

7. Hands – Classic design

creative magnets 9 (1)

creative magnets 10 (1)


8. Photoshop Kit

creative magnets 11 (1)

creative magnets 12 (1)

awesome magnets 13 (1)


9. iMagnets

awesome magnets 14 (1)


10. Tetris – This is the coolest magnets on this list

awesome magnets 15 (1)

11. Wooden Magnets

awesome magnets 16 (1)


12. Bottle Opener – Cool magnets was created for this picture

awesome magnets 17 (1)

13. LOL Magnetz

nice magnets 18 (1)


14. Leaves by Richard Hutten

nice magnets 19 (1)

nice magnets 20 (1)


16. Calendar

nice magnets 21 (1)

17. Epic magnets of Batman

nice magnets 22 (1)

18. Today is a good day magnet

nice magnets 23 (1)

19. Hold my keys will you?

nice magnets 24 (1)

20. Keep it cool

cool magnets 25 (1)

21. Keep it fresh with these cool fruits magnets

cool magnets 27 (1)

Do you have friends? Of course! Do they have refrigerators? Of course! So, share these cool magnets with them please!



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