18 Pictures Of Smiling Horses That Are So Happy My Computer Is Laughing Too


Horses are very interesting, elegant, majestic beings. They are beautiful, slender, gracious. They are cute and funny as well. They are one of our best friends and sometimes borrow human traits. Or not?

Anyways, they are very funny and kind animals and when they want to smile, they do it with all their heart, no faking it. You can rest assured watching these smiling horses pictures below. Yes, horses can smile and they are hilarious when they do it. Their strong teeth look fabulous. They might have very good dentists.

Leaving jokes aside, we think these are the best photos of animals smiling; a horse’s grin is something of a wonder. You cannot unseen it. And don’t you ever tell someone they have a horse’s grin. A horse’s grin is quite difficult to reproduce.

Now, let’s prepare ourselves and feast our eyes on these horse’s best grins, fit for a Hollywood movie or the Academy Awards Ceremony. Who knows who they were in another life?

1. Did you take that picture yet?

smiling horses 1 (1)


2. That’s great power of will. Keeping it all in…smiling horses list continues below…

smiling horses 2 (1)

3.”Wanna’ hang out together?”

smiling horses 3 (1)

4. A beautiful smile can go a long way

smiling horse 4 (1)

5. Bonding

smiling horse 5 (1)


6. Is it a horse or a lion? Or both?!

smiling horse 6 (1)

7. Fresh breath! Look at those teeth, best smiling horse on this list

smiling horse 7 (1)

8. “You say you have teeth stronger than mine? Take a look!”

smiling horse 8 (1)

9.”Want a ride?”

horses smiling pics 9 (1)


10. “I don’t like your face!”

horses smiling pics 10 (1)

11. This smiling horse needs to see a dentist, stats!

horses smiling pics 11 (1)

12. The Donald? Look at that flock of hair, magnificent

horses smiling pics 12 (1)

13. This horse smiling to the camera knows how to take selfies

horses smiling pics 13 (1)


14. Half smiling, half mad at you for taking his picture out of the blue like that

horses smiling pics 14 (1)

15. Sticking his tongue out, we have a huge gallery of animals sticking their tongues out if you want to see

horses smiling pics 15 (1)

16. This looks like a painting more than a photo

horses smiling pics 16 (1)

17. It’s like the horse knows the human is about to snap the picture and shows his big smile

smiilng horses 17 (1)

18. Love this! The last of the smiling horses pictures unfortunately

smiilng horses 18 (1)

Watching these smiling horses pictures, it’s hard not to wonder what they’re laughing at. Do you have any idea?


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