20 Cats That Look Like Hitler But Are Still Cute AF

Almost any domestic cat can be caught in the pose and with a glance that might get you think she is plotting a plan how to kill you… especially if you’ve just given it a bath… remember that look? It is giving me chills just by remembering it. And in the next moment, they can be sweet, cute and cuddly again… yup, that’s how things are with cats. They’re crazy like that.

However, some cats always have the evil look like these cats in the gallery below you’re about to scroll down and get convinced. This is the case because they’re resembling the most hated character in human history – Hitler himself. YUP, this article is a big list of cats that look like Hitler, It’s about the easily recognizable moustaches, of course, and perhaps a haircut too. These kittens were just unlucky enough and an object of a mother nature practical joke so their fur on the head looks just like Hitler’s style.

Let’s scroll down the gallery of “Kitlers” or cats that look that much like Hitler that you can’t ignore it or unsee it. Just for laughs, of course. I hope these, essentially ordinary cats, wouldn’t mind us doing that. We love you Kitlers!

1. I bet his name is Adolf.

cats that look like hitler 1 (1)


cats that look like hitler 2 (1)


cats that look like hitler 3 (1)


cats look like hitler 4 (1)


cats look like hitler 5 (1)


cats look like hitler 6 (1)


cats look like hitler 7 (1)


cats look like hitler 8 (1)


cats looking like hitler 9 (1)

10. Keep scrolling for more …

cats looking like hitler 10 (1)


cats looking like hitler 11 (1)


cats looking like hitler 12 (1)


cats looking like hitler 13 (1)


cats looking like hitler 14 (1)


cats looking like hitler 15 (1)


cats looking like hitler 16 (1)


cats that look like hitler 17 (1)


cats that look like hitler 18 (1)


cats that look like hitler 19 (1)


cats that look like hitler 20 (1)

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