18 I’m Sorry Cakes That Look So Good, You Can’t Stay Angry

When you have something important to say to a person, one of the most effective ways to do that is to make a cake and write the message on it – like I’m Sorry, for example. Only a stone-hearted person can resist that, honestly. It’s really the sweetest thing you can do when you mess up and want to make things right again or to say something else very important.

In the gallery below we have eighteen cakes of that kind or I’m sorry cakes. As you’re about to see when you start scrolling down the page, these I’m sorry messages on the cakes are a little bit different than you might’ve been imagining at first. Let’s check out what this is all about and have some fun!

1. Sorry, I puked in your car.

im sorry cakes 1 (1)

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2. I’m sorry I blacked out, tried to kill you, and almost got us arrested.

im sorry cakes 2 (1)

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3. Sorry I set you on fire.

im sorry cakes 3 (1)

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4. Sorry for what I said during Mario Cart.

im sorry cakes 4 (1)

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5. Sorry about the divorce!

im sorry cakes 5 (1)

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6. Sorry I tased you.

im sorry cakes 6 (1)

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7. I think we should see other people.

im sorry cakes 7 (1)

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8. Sorry I never refill the Brita.

im sorry cakes 8 (1)

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9. Sorry I slept with your mom.

im sorry cakes 9 (1)

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10. Sorry about the herpes.

im sorry cakes 10 (1)

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11. Sorry about the crabs.

im sorry cakes 11 (1)

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12. Sorry I had loud sex.

im sorry cakes 12 (1)

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13. Sorry I hit you in the junk so hard.

im sorry cakes 13 (1)

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14. I’m sorry I thought you were a woman.

im sorry cakes 14 (1)

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15. I’m sorry for puking on you.

im sorry cakes 15 (1)

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16. Happy birthday. Not really, this is an intervention about your drinking problem.

im sorry cakes 16 (1)

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17. I’m sorry I projectile vomited all over your apartment and cat.

im sorry cakes 17 (1)

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18. Sorry about your diabetes.

im sorry cakes 18 (1)

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