18 Evil Plotting Raccoon Memes That Will Make You Nervously Laugh Just a Little

You know the famous evil plotting raccoon that makes you cringe a little just by looking at that picture of him? Yes, that one with those creepy little paws and bad-omen grin. Well, he is one hell of a character and his memes are a pleasure to look at… if you’re a fan of the morbid, dark side of humor. Some of them are even cute… if you’re very optimistic and always see the good in people.

All in all, the evil plotting raccoon looks like he’s up to no good in all his memes. A talented graphic artist could make him the center character of an animated movie in which the raccoon is the evil, cute, but ultimately evil boss that you can hardly defeat.

Well, speaking of movies, he does look a little bit like Rocket from “Guardians of the galaxy”. That means he is evil, but also pure at heart, at the utmost center of his heart. Who knows? You just have to scroll down for these insane raccoon memes and decide for yourself what kind of an animal he is. Happy scrolling!

1. Just because you want him to feel a little adrenaline rush

evil plotting raccoon (1)

2. Because you want him to feel better. Sure, the evil plotting raccoon has other plans

evil raccoon meme 2 (1)

3. A more fun way

evil raccoon meme 3 (1)

4. Good thinking!

evil raccoon meme 4 (1)

5. It never gets old

evil raccoon meme 5 (1)

6. Muhahaha

evil raccoon meme 6 (1)

7. Work ’till they’ll envy you!

evil raccoon meme 7 (1)

8. When you’re concerned about your roommate’s pornography addiction

evil raccoon meme 8 (1)

9. A nice first opinion will go a long way

evil raccoon meme 9 (1)

10. The plan is perfectly evil

evil raccoon meme 12 (1)

11. I wanted to check

evil raccoon meme 11 (1)

12. Because I can be good at heart, also

evil raccoon meme 13 (1)

13. How dare you?

evil raccoon meme 14

14.Planning to do some evil deeds over the weekend, of course!

evil raccoon meme 15 (1)

15. You didn’t see that coming, did you?

evil raccoon meme 16 (1)

16. Let’s use it to kill some noobs

evil raccoon meme 17 (1)

17. I might follow you from the shadows

evil raccoon meme 18 (1)

18. Muhahaha * evil plotting raccoon probably

evil plotting raccoon 19 (1)

If you find these evil plotting raccoon memes hilarious or just a little bit creepy, GOOD! Now share.


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