15 Korean Street Food Pictures That Will Tingle Your Belly

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If you find yourself in South Korea and suddenly feel hungry than a whole new universe of Korean street food will open to you if you start looking to grab something on the streets. Maybe we can even call this the Disneyland of street food. For example, what you can see in the photos below are: mandoo dumplings, fried kimbap, vegetable cakes, more fried kimbap, squid and shrimp, tobiko which is rice cakes in spicy sauce and these are just a few samples of the delicious Korean street food world. Check out in the gallery below more delicious street food of South Korea which also look very interesting and exotic and for some of them you will even have to have strong guts to dare to try. Because you know, Asians eat pretty much everything.

1. Goldfish bread. Boong uh ppang –

Just another variation of the classic Boong uh ppang but this time with a shit load of ice cream.

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2. Odeng – fish cake on a skewer with broth is the first on this list of Korean street food you would love to try

korean street food 2

3. Soondae –  blood sausage with salt and slices of pig heart and liver.

korean street food 3

4. Beondegi – silk worm larva. Would you dare eating this?

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5. Hotteok – hot pocket with noodles and veggies in it. This looks amazing actually

korean street treats 5


6. Squid – squid on a stick, grilled squid at the movie theater.

korean street treats 6

7. Squid and octopus – grilled on open flame. A favorite Korean street food

korean street treats 7

8. Corndogs – treat for kids. Everyone loves them

Asian street food 8

9. Tater twisters – also loved among kids.

Asian street food 9


10. Gimbap or kimbap – they are cheap (less than 1 USD) and everywhere.

Asian street food 10

11. Various desserts – strange thing is Koreans are so thin with so many delicious desserts.

Asian street food 11

12. Bungeoppang –  little fish shaped cakes filled with various things like red bean paste, cream cheese, and sweet potato.

korean street food 12

13. Gyeran-ppang – egg breads. It’s like regular bread, but with eggs in it. Yummy

korean street food 13


14. Ppopgi –  a traditional Korean sugar candy.  If you can eat it without breaking the shape stamped in the middle they give it to you for free.

Asian street food 14

15. Hodo Kwaja – walnut shaped cakes.

korean street food 15

16. Fresh squeezed lemonade right from the bag



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