Zoo Leaves Funny Reviews On Their Animals In Tweets And Seriously Goes Viral

Few Zoos went viral on Social Media recently by sharing hilarious posts of their residents reviewed in Amazon manner. Oregon Zoo left some great reviews on their animals but also pointed out all the remarks. Some fellows went better than others, but what is common for all the posts is that they are very witty and will make you laugh, for sure.

For example, a Perot was called very messy and rated as not so good voice recorder which will record and replay selectively, only what he likes. On the other hand, Kanguru totally delighted customer because it’s coming with a spare included. Isn’t that hilarious, or what?!

Using the hashtag #rateaspecies, zoos, scientists, and academies of sciences all aired their thoughts on their animals in the style of Amazon reviews on Social Media. Let’s check out some of the best in the gallery below and feel free to join the fun and leave your own review on your favorite animal in the Amazon style in the comments.

1. I ordered duck, otter and beaver bundle, and what I get…

funny zoo animal reviews 18 (1)

2. Would you prefer it in green, maybe?

funny zoo animal reviews 17 (1)

3. Just two stars for a little thief.

funny zoo animal reviews 16 (1)

4. This buddy rates great. It’s a must-have.

funny zoo animal tweets 15 (1)

5. When you want to delight a customer you include a spare.

funny zoo animal tweets 14 (1)

6. Four stars for the king and a big sleeper.

funny zoo animal tweets 13 (1)

7. If you run him on peanut butter, he might want to run on you.

funny zoo animal tweets 12 (1)

8. What did you expect from a snail?

funny zoo animal tweets 11 (1)

9. Perfect for Picasso fans.

funny zoo animal tweets 10 (1)

10. For all fun activities on the water.

funny zoo animal tweets 9 (1)

11. Only three stars for this misunderstood albino guy…Wait, he’s still the best.

funny zoo animal tweets 8 (1)

12. A little week bass but no distortion.

funny zoo animal tweets 7 (1)

13. Very messy and only replays selectively.

funny zoo animal tweets 6 (1)

14. Maybe it’s  Maybelline! Stunning looks.

funny zoo animal tweets 5 (1)

15. Poor description and 2,5 stars only.

funny zoo animal reviews 4 (1)

16. Delighted customer and five stars for this birdy.

funny zoo animal reviews 3 (1)

17. What happened during a shipping?

funny zoo animal reviews 2 (1)

18. The case is the best.

funny zoo animal reviews 1 (1)



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